Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Team's ministry...

Paul preaching at the Hospital Service this Sunday. In the middle of preaching the gospel, this lady kept asking...."What's your name? I love you Paul!" He kept his composure well, and just kept preaching. tee hee. The lady I took back to her hospital room said she loves Jesus cause he helps her through the day. I think when you are dependant on other people, you realize more how you need to be more dependant on the Lord.

The team taught the 1st graders at our local Christian primary school, "Hillcrest Christian Academy" They did a play with Daniel and the lions den & taught them worship songs. Did you notice part of the school uniform is to wear a hat? These kids were so cute. Everytime they raised their hand they would say "Jesus Christ died for my sins!"

The team also helped one of our church plants run a soup kitchen fo the AIDS victims. The local pastor preached a sermon in Zulu, and the team did some worship songs, and then Paul taught them about what it truely means to be "poor in spirit" from the sermon on the mount. Then we fed them & the church provided some clothing for them. What an amazing ministry to think these people don't even have enough food to eat.

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Van Straaten Family said...

Hey there Sluipers (Hope you've been fine-tuning the definition). We areexcited by the methodology you used for the STM - it seems much more effective having the STM teams doing 'outreach, teaching and missions'- I don't know but it seems more sensible doing that than having these guys go half way around the world to mix concrete or dig trenches to build a school (unless you're in Geneva and it will cost Millions to have someone do it) Congratulations!!! Or shall we say Praise God!