Wednesday, January 26, 2011


So one of my favorite times in the day is after the kids have their bath, they like to cuddle up into two little balls and pretend they are "snails" and the towel is their shell. It started with Noah, and Autumn now grabs a towel and says "I a snail too!"

There is lots and lots of giggling when they "appear from their shells"
And some severe protesting that snails must NOT come out of their shells, but they MUST hide.
And then back to giggling wiggling little snails. Clint and I sometimes will "walk" on the snails to crush them, which leads to more giggling :) Silly kiddos

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Over New Years our whole family went up to visit Anton & Marietjie. We thought 6 hours in the car with 2 kids would be hard, but it was actually so fun! And totally worth the drive. My kids grew to love Naomi and Olivia ....
They built a giant gingerbread house together, which they slowly ate after every dinner.
This was Noah's first time building one, and he couldn't figure out why you had to put the candy ON the house instead of just eating it all.
Naomi and Olivia spent countless hours dragging my kids on a blanket for a "choo choo train" they had a blast.
We went to San Francisco where we saw a giant Nutcracker that Noah thought was a little bit scary, but Marietjie convinced him otherwise.
We went to San Francisco and rode on the trolley (Noah & Autumn's favorite thing about SF)
Noah also LOVED watching all the ice skaters, and kept saying "when I'm a daddy I can ice skate too"
The Golden Gate Bridge
It was so great to spend so much time with my friend!
Friends of Anton & Marietjie took us on a boat ride through Napa, it's really so beautiful there.
Noah got to drive the boat

Marietjie took us to Sanoma which is a cute town, but it was FREEZING cold. We went to the park (and yes the kid in the background is some random kid!)
The kids had lots of fun at the park
Love the little sheep on the hills
While I was there I helped Marietjie set up an ETSY store for jewelry
We spent a few hours in the bead shop and the kids played outside in the park

Noah wanted to take a picture of us, he's becoming quite the little photographer
And every night Noah & Auty got a story from Anton. It was such a fun time thanks guys for hosting us!