Monday, July 17, 2006


So this weekend Clint did his first wedding ever. He doesn't have the license to marry, so they got married in a court beforehand, but he did the ceremony. It was awesome, he even did the "your rings will clink on the refrigerator door" line (stolen from Rick Holland of course). It was awesome to see them get married, cause Louella got saved when we were out here in May candidating for the church, and now Clint got to marry her to an awesome guy. The team was evangelizing at a local farmers market, and then painted our house and the church while we were at the wedding. Paul then braved driving on the "wrong side" of the road on the way back, YIKES!

Paul and Wyn led worship this Sunday morning. They introduced some new songs to our congregation, and showed the congregation what it was like to have someone "lead" the worship (usually we just stand when the music starts playing, so it was AMAZING to have a worship leader). And fun for us to sing songs I haven't sung in 7 months. The team then went to a ZULU church in Hope Valley (a church plant nearby) and taught and lead worship there. They LOVED seeing the worship style there. A lady would just stand up, start singing, then the keyboardist would try and find the key she was singing in, and then play along, everyone clapping and dancing. A complete culture shock!

Then the team hosted an "American pancake evening" at our house and invited the whole church over after evening service. Everyone LOVED the american pancakes, and we served tons of toppings (bananas, white chocolate, the works!) The church loved getting to know the team better, and the team had fun trying to make the perfect pancake (winner is in the above photo!) They are teaching today again at Hope Valley to the Zulu kids, more photos to come!

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Sara B. said...

I'm still upset that Clint didn't wait to do MY wedding first.... but I guess this was cool too :P Maybe he can actually have his license for mine?? :)

Thanks for all the updates!!! I LOVE seeing everything that's going on and I am praying for you guys!