Wednesday, February 23, 2011

In LA our family took a little family day at Disneyland, I'd been there tons of times, but it was totally different to go with kids. First of all you don't ride any big rides, and you even don't go on alot of the kids rides cause they are scary! After riding Pirates of the Caribbean Noah kept singing "yo ho yo ho a PEOPLE's life for me" cause he said pirates were not nice, and he'd rather be people! So funny. But the kids loved meeting all the characters, and had fun.

They loved the teacups, I think we went on 3x! The great part about January is there are no lines, although the hours are way shorter!

Autumn would say "weeee!"

Noah's favorite ride was Autopia where he got to drive a real car. He drove and I pushed the gas, it was quite a bumpy ride since he's still learning how to steer, but we had fun!
Noah loved the Jungle Cruise, while Clint and I endured the cheesy jokes, my favorite is still "look its the backside of water!" Autumn loved seeing elephants, her favorite.
Noah & Clint tried on real Indiana Jones hats. Poor little Autumn in the back had a 102 fever from her 2 year molars poor thing, you can see her pinky cheeks!
Autumn got to meet the "real" princesses, although she was quite bashful to meet them
The kids loved the big "castle" and Noah kept saying "Is THAT where Mickey and Minnie live?" Noah had been begging us for a pirate scope for a while, and when we were in Adventure land we found an awesome one for like $3, and he LOVES it. He's holding it in this pic, and kept asking us "Is this a REAL one?"
It was fun to see it through there eyes.
By far Noah and Autumn loved toontown the best. Noah got to ride in Mickeys car. He was also super brave and rode the Mickey's rollercoaster! I couldn't believe it!
And we walked through Mickey's house and met Mickey! Noah was SO not afraid of Mickey and even said "Hi we are from South Africa, I'm Noah"
He said his favorite part of the day was that Mickey looked through his pirate telescope
And Pluto did too!

Pluto gave Noah the biggest hug ever