Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Our little smiler!

Once he starts can't stop him!

Noah at 6 weeks

Video of Noah during his "wiggly" time favorite time with him!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Comrades is known as the worlds "Ultimate Marathon" at 90 kilometers, almost the entire marathon being on a from Pietermaritzburg to Durban (the downrun...which was this year) or from PMB to Durbs (the uprun....crazy crazy hills!) which was last year. Its run RIGHT outside our house...and our church. The government decided to switch the date of the Marathon to always be on a Sunday, so our church can't meet because the road is closed. So this year we had our Sunday morning service on Saturday night...kinda weird! But our church meets on the road outside our church every year to cheer on the runners (hense the name of the marathon...comrades...where everyone helps and cheers on the runners!)

The runners....this shot is looking up the road from our church (and home)
Cheering on the runners
Noah's first Comrades! Maybe he'll run it someday?

Since the roads are closed a bunch of the girls spent the night at our house so they could watch the Marathon
Mark and Sam cheering on the runners Happy 1st Father's Day!

Thursday, June 14, 2007


So we think Noah started smiling today....Clint caught one on his phone....I need your you think its a real smile or not? :) He did it when we were both saying "Come for us!"

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Elders retreat

Clint at the elders retreat this last week up the north coast of SA. They did so much work that it shouldn't have been called a retreat...but just working on the beach :)
We are so priveledged to have such awesome elders at HBC
Prepping sermons overlooking the ocean
The view!

Saturday, June 09, 2007


Some shots of cornerstone at our house last night. They were great company while Clint was away on an elders retreat. Lyle's our new intern at HBC, but Clint likes to call him his "lacky".... and he taught an awesome lesson on humility last night
Kerry, Lyle and Warren stayed till past midnight teaching me the tricks of the trade on Facebook. Man that thing is addictive. But its a cool way to see how people are doing back in the States. I found this photo on Ruthie's Facebook of me and Marietjie shooting Sara's wedding.... It was such a fun day, I loved shooting it with Marietjie, and I miss her a ton!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

One month

One month old today!

A poem written by Clint's friend James:
"You were named after this guy
Who when rain fell from the sky
Put the animals inside the boat
So they'd not sink, but float!
Everything else unfortunately died,
But they were safe, the ones inside
And when they finally loaded them off
Noah pointed, choked, and said with a cough:
"We put to Archers inside, didn't we?
But oh my goodness, now there's three!"
It's pretty cheesy, but it made me laugh outloud :)

Clint studying his Bible, and Noah as the bookstand.
Hey, its never to early to read to your kids!

Saturday, June 02, 2007


This week we flew to Johannesburg to attend the Shepherd's Conference. The two guest speakers from the states were Jack Hughes and Scott Ardivanus. Jack Hughes is the pastor at Calvary Bible Church and we listen to his sermons weekly online (get em at defiantly worth downloading!) So it was awesome to hear him in South Africa. Scott was the college pastor when I was in Jr. High, and he often did our it was also awesome to hear him preach.
Clint with Scott and Jack
Jack preaching on what it means to "labor" in the ministry. He quoted all the verbs that Paul uses to describe the ministry "labor" "endure" "strive" made us tired just listening to him, but an awesome sermon. Clint was ready to preach after hearing this one!
Duncan Ebedes is a member of our church and came with to the Shepherd's Conference. Jack Hughes is his this is Clint and him soaking up the great preaching!
Scott preaching on trials. James 1, a very awesome sermon as you can tell by his hand motions here!
I took one of the days off from the conference to rest. This is me and Noah at Clint's sisters (Brownyn's) creche (nursery school). Can you guess from the picture what the theme is at her school? There are more Pooh Bear's there than I've ever seen in my life! It's called "Piglet's Playpen"
Clint's best friend growing up Ryan and his wife Catherine got to meet Noah for the first time, and so did Antie Brownyn and Grandpa Alan! More photos of that to come...

Would you like fries with that? Noah's first fries with Clint and Grandma :)