Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Root Beer

I love Root Beer and Clint loves Cream Soda and they don't make either in South Africa.....till now!
I was shopping for Energade because Autumn couldn't have milk when she had the stomach flu, and right next to the Energade was......Root Beer and Cream Soda, made nearby in the Natal Midlands! Yay! And it totally tastes like it too. South African Cream Soda is green, and bubbly, like a kid's drink. So Clint was SO excited when he came back from America to find these in the fridge! :) Ahh....a cold root beer on a hot day was just amazing today!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Noah and Autumn's Auntie Helen and Uncle Donovan came to visit while Clint is still (still....it seems like forever!) in LA studying his doctorate. We had a fun few days while they were here.

Uncle Donovan had tons of fun with the kiddos....Noah would pretend to "sling" down Donovan, who apparently looked quite alot like "Goliath" :)
We also went to uShaka Sea World (uShaka is the name of the Zulu King) and had a ton of fun. We saw a seal show and a dolphin show....
Autumn loved the shows and smiled the whole time. Even though she had the tummy flu and we didn't know it (which made itself abundantly evident during the dolphin show, Praise the Lord I brought extra clothes!)
Noah loved the dolphins jumping and would say "WOW!"
Autumn loved the fish as well and would make "kissing" fish sounds when she saw them. She also learned the word "wow!" and "shark" while we were there cause she heard them so much.
My favorite are the turtles, they are just amazing.
Looking at the turtles. They had a Daddy, Mommy and Baby Turtle (according to Noah).
I think they could have spent an hour at each window just sitting there staring at all the fish.
Smiles with Auntie Helen
Noah's favorite by far were the sharks that "make you sore" He loved their teeth, and kept asking me "why do sharks make you sore?" (We've entered the "why?" phase of Noah's life)
Uncle Donovan talking with Noah about the sharks. It was a very fun day!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Autumn's new word

So if anyone knows our family very well, two most frequented words (and I know they are quite strange) are "Villain" and "Nuts!" Villain can be used as a term of affection, (strange, I know) but also you can say "you are a villain" if the person does something you don't like. Noah has picked this up and says "mommy's a villain, and daddies a villain, and Autumn's a villain." I love it. He means it in the best way.

Anyway. The second most frequented word is "Nuts!" It's our version of like "uh-oh" combined with, "aww, man!"

And Autumn heard me say it tonight and can't stop...............This video is for daddy who didn't get to hear it first hand.....

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


With Clint being in America studying for the last 2 weeks (with one to go!) Noah asked to see pictures of daddy. So here is one of my favorites. Noah and Autumn LOVE a game that Clint calls "motorbike" where they ride on Clint's back and he throws them off onto the bed.

Couldn't be happier...
8 more sleeps, then daddy comes home!

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Such a girl

One of Autumn's first words was "baby" and now its her most used word by far. She just LOVES taking care of her baby and carries it around with her everywhere. She cries for it if she sees it across the room (we are working on the please for that one!) It's just so amazing how the Lord made girls SO girly. The first time she saw a baby at the grocery store she cried and cried and just had to hold it.

After dinner she likes to feed her baby
And kiss her baby
She'll give her babies hugs throughout the day, which are BIG squeezes with a special Autumn "I'm hugging you SUPER tight" sound.
Noah's bookshelf has books with babies in them, and if she sees them she'll point and say "book, baby" or "story, baby!"
And will happily look at the babies for a long time.