Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Duck, duck.....goose

The last sign you come to before turning onto our street says "Crinkly Bottom" "Catering, Weddings, Accommodation." I always thought it was funny while giving directions to our house saying "look for the sign that says "crinkly bottom." :) Last Saturday we decided to see what all the fuss was about, and have a meal there.

It was awesome cause their restaurant is around a lake with a bunch of ducks & geese. Clint and I shared a great snack while Noah watched the ducks.
Noah kept smiling at them, and turning around with a face that said "this is just the best mom!"

The coolest duck ever never came near us, he was too cool for that.
Teaching Noah that the bread was for the ducks, and not for him, was a funny feat.
Noah saying "duck duck"

We kept having to pull him away from the geese, those things are scary. One would come wiggling its throat as if to say..."give me those little boy fingers, moo haa haa!"

I think I've become a fan of the "crinkly bottom" after all :)

First Steps!

Noah took his first steps today!! (besides the 2-3 he's been taking between furniture!) He took 6 steps holding his new big ball, and then all by himself took 6-7 steps between me and Clint! I've been watching my friends 9 month old walk, and eyeing other 15 month olds walking with their mini carts down the isles at the store, while Noah is just chilling sitting in his cart taking in the world. But I'm about to have a toddler. :)

Sorry no video of it, I got out the video camera which Noah hadn't seen in a while, and he started crying instead of walking cause he wanted to touch it, and I wouldn't let him :) So I'll try later!

Thursday, August 21, 2008


This afternoon I walk into my livingroom only to find a bird flapping around hitting against any window he could find!! I quickly go to open windows, but Tobi our cat, spying an awesome opportunity, was to quick for me and pounced him flat. She then quickly scurried to every room on our house showing off her prize, and I ran quickly with a broomstick behind her. I managed to chase her outside to get her to drop it. So sad, I don't think he's going to survive. :(

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

God made dirt

And dirt don't hurt. But why oh why does it take so long to get rid of all the dirt?!? With a one year old I feel like my house is never really clean!

For example, today I was cleaning the windows and I let Noah explore the yard. He loves this...chasing Tobi our cat, crawling around finding rocks to throw. Today as I was polishing the last window I looked over my shoulder and he had found a mud patch (thanks to the rain last night) and was tossing dirt in the air with such glee. Feet covered, hands, face, clothes, everything with dirt. I let him have a bit more fun since he was already filthy.....

And off to the bath we went...
Very proud of the dirty face
Aww, do I have to get clean?Squeaky clean! Noah always throws his rubber duck over the edge of the bath
And then looks forlornly after it, and often says "please" for it. This happens 50X during the bath

Where DOES the water go mom?
So after making my windows clean....I now have a ring in my bath, muddy clothes, and a muddy bathroom. See how the cycle continues? But oh how I love our little boy. How would he be a little boy without loving mud? :)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Random things...

*The Olympics is an amazing display of God's glory. It hit me yesterday when I was sick from baby #2 (all day sickness), and Noah was saying "please" pointing at the TV (usually its entirely soap operas and news, so I always say no) but I turned it on, and and the Olympics were on!! It was so fun. Noah was clapping with the audience and pointing at the athletes. And my favorite event was on.....the Women's Pole Vault. I did Pole Vault in high-school, but only for 1 year, and cleared what most high jumpers do (hee hee)....but hey, it was totally fun. Anyways it was just amazing for me to see God's creation and how gifted these amazing people are from all over the world. Some are doing it for His glory, others for their own pride and accomplishment, but it still puts God on display to see so many different colors and faces performing with the gifts He has given them.

*I realized today that I need to finally break down and get some South African cookbooks. I started missing "home" today when I realized I couldn't make half the recipes in my cookbooks cause I couldn't buy the ingredients in the store. I really love South African food, and realized today that I don't even really know how to cook it!

* Church camp was this last weekend, and Mike Abendroth was our camp speaker. I didn't get to hear many of the sermons cause they were during Noah's naptime...but it was awesome to talk with him since he and Clint went to the same seminary, TMS. He did some "Jet Tours" through books of the Bible, and it was fun hearing an American accent again :) At evening service that evening some missionaries we support, the Henrici's in Mozambique, came to do a presentation on what their ministry was like. It was awesome chatting to Mrs. Henrici since she is an American married to a South African with a girl Noah's age. They've been ministering in hard core missions for 5 years now.
Here's some photos from the camp (thanks to Vicky and Liz)
Mike Abendroth preaching

About half our church came to the camp

Noah made friends with alot of the kids on the camp, and would laugh a ton watching them run around playing soccer.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

My two munchkins

One of my munchkins is growing arms and legs (so cool to see the scan at 10 weeks instead of the usual can see little arms and legs!) Baby Archer #2's first photo.

And my other munchkin is learning how to use his arms and legs....
A few weeks ago he FINALLY learned "please" (its a sign I've been trying forever!) He says it all the time now, its like it just "clicked" Here he's saying "please" for my camera. :)

His favorite thing now is to "talk" on the phone. Even if he doesn't have one he'll put an open palm to his ear and say "hello!"
Don't worry, its my cell phone that died...its now Noah's.
He loves throwing the stones from our path into my plants.
And he loves to stand up all by himself. You'd think he'd be walking, but for him standing and crawling is too much fun at this point.
Doesn't it look like he'd just walk right toward you? Whenever we try to make him walk he thinks its a funny joke and cracks up laughing. :)