Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Everyone complains about the crime in Africa

Ok, so i haven't updated this in forever cause Clints laptop was stolen out of our home last Thursday!! We left at 7:30pm to go to a friends house for dinner, set the house alarm, and at 7:34 we got a call from the security company that our alarm had gone off. We thought it was just our kitten setting it off, but got home, and they had opened a window, busted through the burglar bars, grabbed my kitchen knife (no joke) walked down the hall, (alarm would be going off by now!) and grabbed Clint's laptop that we got like 5 months ago, along with our 2 backups and jetted. Yikes. Clint had just finished his sermons, and had to start from scratch on Friday morning. The only thing I could think was "MY PHOTOS!!!!" They stole the backups. Nuts. Oh, and the funniest moment of the night is when we called the cops to come investigate they said "we are a little busy tonight, do you mind walking (next door mind you) to the police station to file a report?" Hmm, not much help there.

We went looking for the same laptop this week, and they are double the price here. Its actually cheaper to fly to the states and get a laptop! But the Lord is good. We weren't harmed. He is omnicient and knew from the foundation of the world that our laptop would get stolen. :) We are sleeping just fine. I've actually gotten broken into 2x in LA. Everyone was so worried that I would freak out about Africa's crime. I told them LAs crime is the same. Sin is sin no matter where you live.

But our first "SASCV" went great! 15 students showed up, including 2 guys that were in re-hab. One of them asked "what to Christians think of unbelievers" so Clint got to share the gospel with him, explaining that we were all once enemies of God. It was really great. We had a fellowship night the next week where we watched the CNN Larry King Live thing with MacArthur on what happens when people die? Everyone really enjoyed it. Students are now asking us to go out for coffee after evening service, so life is becoming a bit more like it was before! Bryan (the new believer) is growing so much, its so awesome to see him grow and ask questions about the Bible.

We had a "membership" meeting at our house Saturday Morning where 12 people showed up, and 6 of them were young married couples. Wow. The Lord is answering our prayers! People our own age! Yippee

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

SCV 2...well almost!

Missing you guys this week! (Photo of our last SCV memory in LA, Sharkys!)

Cause. . . we are starting an SCV, just South African Style! We advertised it for a few weeks in our church announcements, and about 20 people are going to come to our first "young adults" Bible study! We are naming it "Cornerstone" cause...well, I think you'll get the theme:

Pebbles: Grade 1-3
Rockies: Grade 4-6
Foundations: Jr. High/Early Highschool
Cornerstone: Our GROUP! 17 through young working adults

It won't be quite the same cause Clint will be doing more of a "discussion" rather than preaching...which is easier for him cause he preaches 2x a week now...and better for them cause we don't know the spiritual maturity of these guys, or even if they are believers! And instead of the Niednagels, it'll meet in our home. Sooo please be praying for us! Aww, I'll definately miss the Paul Yoon band!

Ok, to a more trivial subject, I turned on the t.v. tonight at 8:00pm to see what was on.
Station 1: in Zulu
Station 2: in Zulu
Station 3: South African soap opera
Station 4: WWWF Wrestling
Station 5: oh, there are no more stations, NUTS!.

Why do we even have a TV? To add injury to insult everyone in S.A. has to pay 200 rand for a tv license every year, it's the law. (50 bucks) Really? Is it worth it?

Monday, March 13, 2006

South Africa makes historic win in CRICKET!!

Ok, so I saw the most amazing Cricket game ever. And it was my first cricket game I've ever seen! It happened to be a world record game. Austrialia had a score of 438, which broke the world record, and then South Africa came back the next day, and broke that record to beat them by ONE 439! So cool. Its like a baseball game where its at the bottom of the ninth and the score is like 50 to 50, with 2 outs. Here's the google story:

South Africa's newspapers were on Monday celebrating their team's remarkable victory over Australia.
Almost every newspaper in the country led with Sunday's historic one-day international at the Wanderers.
Australia broke the world record for the highest team score in an ODI by posting 434, and then South Africa amazingly chased it down to set a new record and claim a 3-2 series victory.
Not only was it a record-breaking match but the local press revelled in the fact it went some way to avenging their 1999 World Cup semi-final exit to Australia, which led to the Proteas being labelled 'chokers'.
"438/9 - Choke on this, Aussies!" read Johannesburg newspaper The Star, which recorded Sunday's success with a bold green and gold headline proclaiming the score.
The newspaper went further in its sport section with a massive full broadsheet page picture of man-of-the-match Herschelle Gibbs blowing kisses to the Wanderers crowd with a golden headline "Glory".
"Seldom in this country's sporting history could victory have been greater. Seldom in the history of one-day cricket has there been a better match. In fact, there probably never has been," the newspaper's correspondent Stuart Hess wrote of the match.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Yes, Africa has beaches

So the "pastors day off" is always Monday right? So every Monday for the last month Clint and I have gone to Umhlanga. Yup, thats the same beach that MacArthur mentioned to Clint the same night he called Clint...."Clint Hurdle" :) Its MacArthurs favorite beach in S.A. and now ours too. Here are some photos from our adventures. Needless to say after preaching on Sunday, Clints favorite days are Mondays. And no, his name is not Hurdle.

The lighthouse on Umhlanga Rocks

Clint walking Geneva

Sandy Shtee (after Clint dumped Geneva in the water!)

Where I swim every week! (If you surf here, the rocks kill you, I'll have to make use of my board elsewhere!)

So....probing question to all you blog viewers out there. Come out of the closet, how many of you are "blog hoppers" where you hop in on other peoples blogs without having a blog yourself for me to spy on? :) Tee hee. Not that I mind, just encouraging you all to start your own blogs so I can keep up with your life!! I've just found some great blogs this week by blog hopping. One of the greatest ones is http://blog.togetherforthegospel.org/