Saturday, July 29, 2006

Game drive

On the Saturday before the team left we took 'em on a game drive to see some African wildlife with the Cornerstone group. All 13 of us piled in a Combi truck. It was a GREAT day to drive, the weather was perfect, so we saw tons and tons of wildlife. The most dangerous one was the hungry Hippo! The mouth was HUGE!!
See anything yet Wyn?
Ohh, ohh! There's an Asian!! "iiiipoooool!!" I think Paul was the only Asian person in South Africa! What a sighting!!! We love you Paul!!
We saw Ostrich, Rino's, Hippos, Buffalo, Giraffe, Warthog, Zebra and tons of buck!
Speaking of wildlife...our kitten Starbucks is no longer a kitten! She's "in season" in the moment, and driving us nuts meowing for a boyfriend. The team kept telling her..."true love waits Niz, true love waits!!" :) We think we might have kittens with her cause soo many people want them. Who wouldn't? :)

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