Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Wacky Weather

Noah has a Dr. Seuss book called "Wacky Weather" and that's what it felt like today. Bright sun, HUGE raindrops, LOUD thunderclaps, and a double rainbow outside our patio!

We ate lunch with this view on our patio today, so cool

Since it rained so much I decided to finish my gardening cause our ground is super rocky, and its way easier to dig when its all soggy! So despite it being really cold, I busted out my trowel, and tada! My project is done! It's so cool how therapeutic gardening is. I think its because its a crazy amount of hard work. Noah helped me dig too, what a good gardener!
Now I just have to convince Noah not to throw or kick Spurgeon's ball into the flowers, cause nothing comes between Spurg and his ball.
Speaking of which, Spurgeon has discovered he can jump our fence, which isn't very fun cause our neighbor's dogs go crazy which leads to unhappy neighbors. Noah comes to us saying "woof woof, the door!" and we know he's jumped the fence and we have to call him back. But we recently discovered that Noah is sometimes the master planner behind Spurgeons prison break. I caught it on film today....Noah sticking Spurg's ball through the fence so that Spurgeon will hop it. Can you see the gleam of delight in Spurgeon's eye, and the look of determination on Noah's face? I figured it out one day when Noah started jumping and saying "more!" after Spurg had escaped. Hmmm.
Then this really cool sunset appeared after the thunder had stopped. I love this tree that overhangs our backyard from next door, it looks so "African" to me.

Tummy Time

Today I was Autumn's personal trainer, and pushed her limits in her tummy time workout.....

And got a push up out of her, hurray! :) Now its time for her protein shake. Mmm milk.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

You know your the mom of a toddler when:

You’re asked repeatedly during coloring time to draw God. (I still don’t know what to draw for this, a cross? The sky?)

Your toothbrush is missing, and the first place you think to look is in your toddler’s toy car cause that’s where he stores his “priceless treasures” which is usually anything that’s yours. (I've found perfume bottles, pens, hairclips, and tons of other missing items here).

You get repeatedly asked for “more” or “again” of things that you can’t control (like more of a helicopter going overhead, or more of a butterfly flying on the patio) and are met with very sad tears when you can’t make it happen "again"!

You turn off your light to your toddler’s room, and the frequency of the lightswitch somehow makes his little toy go “moo moo” or “quack quack” every single time (I still have no idea how this happens, but I laugh every time)

Your prayers at bedtime with him include thanking God for “vroom vroom” and “woof woof” and “gooks” (books) and "juice" at his suggestion.

Driving includes singing songs and counting. We count to ten on the last leg home, and if I forget Noah says “TEN TEN!” so I remember to count with him.

You are constantly playing interpretor with the few words that they know. For example Noah today kept saying "ice ICE!" and I couldn't figure out why....until i realized he wanted a sip of my tea and it was too hot, and he wanted to put a block of ice in it to make it cold enough for him to drink.

A little hug makes your heart melt.

Ahh, I love it. It's really so much fun.

The shave

Noah saw Clint shaving tonight and said "Eesse Dadda" (please) So Clint and Noah shaved together! It was a cute daddy/son moment.
Lathering up with fun smelling shaving cream:
And shaving with the back end of the shaver. Noah LOVED this
Getting every spot.

Noah kept feeling his face afterwards like it felt all smooth after his 5 o'clock shadow was gone. And he smelled so manly from the shaving cream, like a real little man! Looking at Autumn every day makes me realize how big he's getting. Before I know it he'll actually be shaving for real!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

2 Months!

Autumn's first hoodie. It was a freezing cold day today!

Call me cheesy or superficial, but I love love American baby clothes, they are just the cutest and the softest ever. My parents sent me a ton from Carter's that I love, for every size she'll fit into for a year! And recently an elder's wife Amanda at our church and her family moved to North Carolina, and when she came back to visit she brought this cute little hoodie from baby Gap. Its just so fun to get things from "home" and it means quite alot to me to get these things in the mail :) Especially since Noah had a baby Gap hoodie in blue that my mom gave me that I loved, and now she has one in pink, so fun!
At two months Autumn steals our heart with her smiles, and recently grossed us out with a projectile poo that landed on practically everything in her nursery, and me! :) But each day brings great fun and joy!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Little helper

I haven't done a lot of deep cleaning in a while being heavily pregnant, and then recovering from the caesarean for the last couple of months, but this week decided it was time to start a spring clean! I was scrubbing the grout on our kitchen floor, and Noah decided he wanted to help....

He did a great job scrubbing for me

But then noticed I had a camera, and asked to see photos of
dadda :)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

If you can't beat 'em, join em!

Some days my little girl's mohawk can't be tamed, and yesterday was one of them, so I decided to try out her first little ponytail. Clint calls her a poser cause she doesn't have enough hair yet, but I had fun trying it out anyway :)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Pajama Party

Today my two kids stayed in their pajamas the whole day and had a pajama party on our bed! I have a sinus cold that I caught from Noah I think, and was feeling super slow today, and realized it was 2 o'clock and my kids were still in their pj's! So it became a pajama party day.

And Noah of course brought his truck
And Autumn brought her lion

Tobi decided to join the pajama party too, she looked so cozy like she had pj's on as well!

He is Risen!

This was Noah's second Easter, and of course, Autumn's first! This photo was after getting the kids ready for church in the morning Noah gave Autumn one of his "hugs" where he takes one body part (it could be a nose, a hand, or a foot) and squeezes it with all his might, with this little funny squeeze face. I finally caught a photo of him doing it. He's been hugging like this since he was tiny, but only now gives real proper hugs.

Clint preached an awesome sermon on "I am the Resurrection and the Life" from Lazarus's resurrection. Because Noah is old enough to go to creche now, I just have Autumn in the cry room and she slept most of the service so I got to sit in the congregation and hear most of the sermon! It was awesome.

Family photo outside the church
And I gave Autumn her first Easter egg, she didn't seem to enthralled

I tried to explain that it was yummy and that she could have one next Easter, and she gave me a smile! :)

Monday, April 13, 2009

Vicky & Andrew's Wedding

This wedding seemed quite momentous for both Clint and I since Andrew went to Clint's home church (Grace Fellowship) Vicky goes to our church (HBC) and they are moving to my home church (Grace Community) in LA, so it was a bit of worlds colliding wedding! It was so fun for us to watch their relationship develop at Resolved and then while Andrew was in our home while on a missions trip to Durban. We were very honoured to be apart of this day! I don't have any photos of the actual wedding cause Clint was preaching and I was a bridesmaid...but here you go!
The pretty bride

The cute couple, let them eat cake!

Me with Kerry and Cait in our stunning bridesmaids dresses

Vicky with her bridesmaids.

Me and my cutie husband
And us with Autumn, Noah was being babysat because the last wedding Clint preached at he said "dadda, dadda!" through the whole wedding, and since I was in the wedding, I couldn't be there to take him away! :)
Mother of the bride practicing perhaps being a future grandmother (maybe someday!) with Autumn :) She held her the whole time we took photos

Clint and Charl were quite the MC's

Kerry and Caits moving speech

The cute couple shnizzling

The amazing cake that Helga made. Vicky's theme was Autumn, and she made the most amazing cake.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Hen Party

Last week we had what SAfricans call a Hen Party (a bachelorette party) for Vicky. I love the term Hen party cause it sounds like a bunch of cackling girls, which is what we were that night :) Clint watched the two kiddos so I could go! And it was ladies night so all the food was half off, so yummy.

Her bridesmaides.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

I'm growing, I'm growing!

My little girl has quickly grown from a little newborn

Into a little baby girl! We took her to the doctor this week and she already weighs almost 5kgs. Crazy.

They say that time goes by quicker as you get older, and now I can totally feel that. I think its because there isn't as much time to just sit and stare at how amazing my baby girl is cause my time is divided by my big boy running around! :) Her 6 week doctors appointment came before I could blink!

And she's flashing smiles now. This is the end of a big one :)

Its amazing how different she looks from her brother at 6 weeks!