Saturday, November 13, 2010

Cookin and feeding my babies

That's what Autumn loves to do every day. I've semi-permanently set up her kitchen and her babies high chair near my kitchen so when I cook she can cook. Here she is pretending to eat her fake hamburger :)
And cutting it up for her babies
Gotta put the oven mit on, the oven is hot!
Borrowing Noah's car to sit to feed her babies cause cooking is SUCH hard work
I think her babies are full now

Friday, November 05, 2010

Pumpkins Princesses & Pirates

So this year I was SO excited to find orange pumpkins. I know, I know, its way cheesy. But the green pumpkins just don't really do it for me...and I'm usually quite sad when I can't find orange ones for fall :) I was SUPER sick on Halloween day, so I'm so glad I dressed up the kids for our annual reformation party at our house. They had SO much fun running around in their costumes. These pics are mainly for the grandparents, but have fun!

Noah pretending to "arrgh" like a pirate
Someone at church gave her this princess dress the day before. She couldn't stop saying "pretty" and she found my wedding headband the day of, and had to put it on!

Noah kept picking up the pumpkins so I could see how strong he is. He's such a boy!
Autumn just liked exploring them

The sword is Aluminum foil and a toilet roll covered in red paper, he loved helping me make it for his costume.