Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Team left today!

Ok, ok, I told myself I wouldn't cry when the Short-term Missions Team left....... NUTS!!! It was so hard to see 'em go. It was so amazing to have them in our home, and serving in our church. Can't you guys just stay forever? The teams trip to Africa & our church specifically impacted the globe for the gospel, and Clint & my life in watching them serve so selflessly and tirelessly. Thank you sooo much for the sacrifice you guys made in giving up your summers to come out to our church, Clint and I were saying on the way home that it was so amazing to see what a HUGE impact they had in such a short time. Everyone was asking if they were going to come back again next year!! There were tears shed from our church as well when they left. I've always been on the "going" end of a missions trip, but never the "receiving" end. This perspective made me realize how much short term missions does for the Kingdom. Come back!!

The biggest impact they had was on our Cornerstone young adult retreat. Paul preached 4x, Clint once. They lead worship, cooked, and ran the whole retreat. Many peoples lives were affected. They also ran our Cornerstone Bible studies every friday night. Since then...one girl has asked how she can become a believer, two guys are asking major questions about the gospel. The last Bible study was the best one yet. Everyone was asking questions about election, and why do people pretend they are Christians and don't live it out. It was such a powerful night!

We counted last night how many times Paul preached....10x in two weeks. You rock Paul. You guys were all just machines, no complaining heard, even when we lost half our team to sickness for a day or two. They ran hospital services, taught at local schools, lead our worship, taught at assemblies, at Zulu churches, ran an AIDS soup kitchen, bible studies, and never complained once!! Thank you for all your work from the bottom of our hearts! -C&K


Van Straaten Family said...
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paul yoon said...

the trip to s. africa left me speechless. absolutely divine. completely unexpected. shockingly inspirational. we give all glory to God, who is the gospel, who gives himself to us to enjoy, forever.

thanks to hillcrest church elders, members, faithful behind-the-scene servants, cornerstone brothers, clint and especially to kim, who served us with love and humility and sensitivity. kim, you're amazing. (hope i'm not making you cry again...)

no doubt, i miss you both!
preach the word!