Thursday, July 13, 2006

Cornerstone Retreat

Retreat Group Photo

(this is Kim typing) we had our Cornerstone retreat that the team ran this week, and we got back today. The Lord did AMAZING things in the lives of these students. Paul preached on what it ment to TRUELY believe, and TRUELY be a disciple of Christ. Many of the students (and myself included) were massively convicted. The Lord convicted two girls who then today broke up with their unsaved boyfriends. I couldn't believe that the Lord would work so powerfully in such a short time, so our prayers were answered in mighty ways!! Paul was so straightforward in his preaching, that he asked the question...."who here is a Christian?"And everyone raised their hand except 3-4 students. He then preached like the whole rest of the sermon directly at them, even calling them out by name!! In the afternoon the South Africans taught the Americans "cricket" (photo left of Wyn smacking the ball out the park!) It was hillarious how everyone was getting the rules wrong!

Having the team here has been such and encouragement to Clint and I, as well as the other believers here. The Lord has used them mightly here teaching new songs and discipling the students by the campfire. One guy Brian got offered triple pay at his work if he wouldn't come to the retreat, but he was so looking forward to it that he gave up the triple pay to come!

Keep praying for the team as they continue to meet with the Cornerstone group this week, and as they minister amoung our church plants. The Lord is doing mighty things in them and through them!

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Emily Taylor said...

That is so exciting! I am so glad for what the Lord is doing there. I miss you guys (the team included), and I'm praying for you. Keep serving the Lord and others above all else!