Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The STM team

Our church hosted the STM team from Grace again this year. It was awesome having them on our Cornerstone retreat! Here are some photos...
The group photo
Trying to keep warm in the sun

The team!
The farmers burnt the fields while we were there. We could feel the heat from across the river.
The Archer....
Hanging out with the girls

Introducing the team and Noah to Grapetizer (fizzy grape juice) He loved it, and so did the team!
It was Michelle's 3x to Durban, and Jill's 2nd

The team taught Noah "Evil Fingers" Whenever they'd say it to him he'd wiggle his fingers like he was going to say "Mooo haa haaa!"

The team and Vicky by the Indian Ocean
Resting with the girls on our patio after a hard day of work
It was so amazing having you guys! Come back!

Clint's new office

One of the ways the team ministered to us as a family is they helped build Clint his office. Moving in to this house we had planned to drywall half the garage for an office for Clint, and it just wasn't getting done cause our contractor kept postponing it. So Clint would study for sermons in his "office" which consisted of bookshelves, a desk, but looking onto our car, and having hot air from our dryer blow on his books!

So the team helped drywall and paint so Clint finally has an office!
The paint is called "Promised Land Green." I think Clint picked it for the name...but I love it.

Its still got quite alot of work to be done....there is no front door yet, but at least its a start!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Beautiful Winter, But No Snow

This year our Cornerstone reatreat was in the foothills of the Drakensburg mountains, where it reached -8 degrees C. Yikes. It's actually so cold that it can't snow. When we arrived I was actually dissapointed how dead everything was, thinking we should make our retreat next year in Summer when it rains so its nice and green (and so we wouldn't freeze at night!) But looking around I started realizing how beautiful God's creation is in the dead of winter too....

Our camp was right along the river.
Smokey after the fire where they burned all the dry grass to prevent massive fires.

(They are burning the hill, the reflection in the water.)

"Yours is the day, yours also the night; you have established the heavenly lights and the sun.
You have fixed all the boundaries of the earth; you have made summer and winter." Psalm 74:17

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Our trip to LA...

Since the internet is finally working I thought I'd do an overview of our trip to "home away from home" in LA. I still can't believe that we got to go!

Our first weekend there was Resolved where we got to hear these amazing speakers. I even heard quite alot thanks to Clint and Marietjie who babysat so I could sit and listen. My favorite speaker is still John MacArthur, maybe I'm biased since he was my (old) pastor before Clint!
Noah's first Cheesecake Factory, and hanging out with Kerry and Jen

Noah meeting CJ
One of my favorite sessions was the last night when Piper spoke. I think its because I was sitting in the front row, so I got to soak it all in.
Noah getting to know/flirting with the girls at Kerry's braai
Noah loving the swing his Grandparents got him
This was Noah's first time at a beach ever, and we went to Malibu. He ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT. I loved seeing him "get into it." Like if I held him by his finger he would toddle straight towards the waves. He was forever pointing at everything and saying his cute noises that means he likes it. He especially loved his feet in the water.
Squinty smiles with me and my mom

Digging fingers in the sand was a definite favorite

With Granny and Grandpa, and pointing...at everything!
All the South Africans from our church, Hillcrest Baptist went to Kerry's brother Donovan's wedding. I just can't believe we were all there at the same time all 9 of us. It was really cool sharing our time with them.
Some of my favorite South Africans....including Marietjie who lives in LA now, but who I miss terribly (move back!) It was so fun spending tons of time with her, she even took me to a spa where we got pedicures, it was awesome.
(PS Sorry Michelle, I think the photographer missed you!)
Noah went swimming EVERY day in his little boat that my parents got him. He loved it.
I got to hang out with Heather and Georgie...who I've only gotten to know over the internet, so it was so fun meeting Georgie in person!
They played so well together, it was fun to watch.
Clint got the opportunity to preach at Grace's Jr. High camp in Oakhurst (like a 1/2hour from Yosemite). It was such a great opportunity, and the Jr. Higher's seemed quite responsive. Clint preached 9x while in LA...he considers preaching part of his vacation :)
Noah pretending to be a Jr. Higher
We got to hang out with Austin & Merilly at the camp, and meet their new little one...
Little miss Ella...isn't she the cutest?

There are so many photos and so much I could blog about on this trip, but it was just awesome spending time with family and friends, and to worship at Grace again. It was such a special thing to bring so many from our church in Hillcrest as well, and very special for Noah to meet his Grandparents!

On being preggo with #2

The difference this time around is that I was actually more excited when I saw the two blue lines because I knew exactly what the result is, an awesome blessing from the Lord! I mean I knew that with Noah, but now having experienced having a baby before, this time the lines meant way more. The first time around I sort of didn't know what it meant to bring a new little life into the world, and all the joy it would bring. But this time, I know what comes 9 months later is just an amazing gift. I think with the pregnancy with Noah I was concentrating on the horror stories everyone was telling me of the lack of sleep, 2am feeds, that I couldn't stay out late chatting to friends, or be as involved in ministry. I just didn't know what to expect. But like many wise parents said, your priorities change, and your love for your child outweighs those desires, so you desire to stay and take care of your baby (which is totally true) rather than the things you loved before. And the amount of joy he's brought is tremendous, so I can't even imagine what its like doubling that joy in our home! I am so thankful to the Lord!

Thank you for all your comments about 22 months apart, its really really helpful. I think its awesome they will be so close in age. I really would love it either way if its a boy or a girl. Boy--they'll be great close brothers, but girl---I'd have a girl and a boy....I can't wait to find out in about 10 weeks!!

I get evening sickness like last time....Clint says its cause my body's default is LA time, so it thinks its the morning! But it really hasn't been that bad. It's just the weird tiredness when trying to stay energetic for Noah!

I'll really try to post photos soon!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Noah is gonna make a great older brother

Yup, we are expecting number 2! Baby "kidney bean" this week will be due in late February, so Noah and his younger sibling will be about 22 months apart. We are so excited! Taking care of a one year old while not feeling the greatest is a challenge, but one I'm up for. We found out the last day we were in LA, so it was fun to announce it in person my parents!

Anyone have kids 22 months apart? How is it? What are the challenges?

My internet has been super crazy, but once its up for good I'll post more, I promise!

Friday, July 04, 2008

Noah's first Baseball game

My parents took us for Noah's first Dodgers game! He loved it!
Daddy son matching hats :)

Loving time with the grandparents

But he was sometimes more interested in the sunglasses than the game :)