Saturday, May 15, 2010

Father Son Campout

Noah's future preschool has a father/son campout every year on our church's playground. Since the principal of the school goes to our church, she invited Clint and Noah to join in on the fun.
Every time we go to a sports store Noah only wants to get in all the tents. And now he actually got to sleep in one. All the other kids were playing, but he wanted to stay in his tent cause he was so excited to sleep in one.
He'd start playing, but then ask Clint to come back inside the tent.
But by the end of the night, he was having so much fun playing ball with the older kids, that he "tucked daddy in" and told him he could go to sleep while he played ball. If he saw Clint looking out from the tent he'd say...."daddy go to sleep, you go to sleep now ok?" He knew he was up past his bedtime but wanted to keep playing, and thought that if Clint would fall asleep he wouldn't notice. But eventually (9pm) the fun was over and he came into the tent. But he was so scared that daddy would leave him there...but eventually he fell asleep with Clint. So cute.

Sunday, May 09, 2010

I'm three!

Noah woke up on his birthday saying "I'm three, its my birthday!" I love this age cause they KNOW its their birthday and its just so exciting for them. Because his birthday was on a normal work day for Clint I took him and Autumn to go get some ice cream. They put a cool sparkler in the ice cream, which Noah LOVED but he didn't realize that the "no touch" applied to after the sparkler went out....hense the face after he touched it....don't worry he didn't cry :)
After that he played for a good two hours in the playground and was so proud that he climbed all the way to the top where the canons were....
On Saturday we had a little party for him....he asked for Mickey Mouse Clubhouse cake, his absolute favorite thing at the moment. Sometimes I'll hear him sing the theme song in his room while he's playing "Come inside its fun inside"

Cookies with Mickey's shorts and fun to make!
My friend Taz has a preschool class where her theme is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, so I didn't have to buy anything, she lent me her tablecloth and a TON of decorations, so cool. I made the banner from a Mickey Ears font I found online (I love cool fonts!)

Noah woke up from his nap saying..."mommy, where are all the people? I want to say to them...come, come in!"

Clint prayed thanking God for Noah's little life.
He was so excited to eat Mickey's face that we decided to do the cake first thing. Here he is smiling as everyone sang happy birthday!
He knew exactly what to do and waited till the song was over to blow out his candle "all by myself"

Me and my big three year old!

Family shot

He was so excited that I let him help me cut the cake with a real knife.
He wanted to eat Mickeys face AND the door to the Clubhouse (Mickey's foot) He got much enjoyment out of this....

Some of the young adult girls who often babysit and just love on my kiddos, what a blessing to have them! Noah loves these girls alot and will often talk about them.

Some of the babies with their mommies....

Playing with some of the kids wearing his Mickey Mouse ears. The girls kept fighting over the tools, and a few times I caught the little boys playing with Autumn's dolly, so funny.
Autumn, our little adventurer, loved chasing all the kids around the garden

Daddies with their daughters (aww)

Opening presents, he got a fireman hat from Cait which he loves

He'd open one, and then get so excited for another one he'd rip open a new one before he had a chance to breath! I had to tell him to slow down and say "thank you" for each gift.

Well, I'm just so grateful that the Lord has sustained the life of our little boy for this long, we love every day with him. :)

Friday, May 07, 2010

Decorating Sugar and Fat...

One of the traditions in our family that I LOVE is when its your birthday you open presents in bed as soon as you wake up in your pajamas. We started that this year with Noah. I love it because it feels like its your birthday the whole day. It feels so cozy opening gifts in bed. Noah kept saying "oh wow, this is for me?" and "thank you God for my pressies" (so cute!) So grateful for grandparents sending gifts from afar!
Noah went on a "father son" camping trip friday night, so I got to work on his cake without him seeing (yay!) for Saturday. It was so cold he wanted to wear his beanie, I love kids in beanies.
He wanted a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse cake, so here I am starting it....
And 2.5 hours and several iPod songs and sermons later, here it is done. (whew). I loved the challenge of it. I normally would not spend this much time on a project like this, but I saw a cake similar to this in a cake shop (without the airplane) and they wanted to charge me R500. Crazyness. So I wanted to see if I could do it for cheaper....ingredients, way under R100. Oh yeah.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Last day of being two...

On the last day of being two...

Noah popped his head into daddy's office window to say "Have a good sermon, daddy!" while we were playing outside
He pretended the WHOLE day to be a dragon. He saw a clip of Avatar in the dvd shop on a flat screen, and ever since then he's pretended to be a dragon. He'd make his arms all big and pretend to fly. I still haven't seen Avatar.
He played what we call "chase you hug you" with Spurgeon and wore his favorite whistle the whole day.
And before he went to sleep he said "mommy when I get older I want to get in the black car and go to the gym, just like daddy, and lift heavy things, so I can get big muscles, like this (flexes)"
Sleep tight, when you wake up you'll be a "big" three year old! (sigh)

Sunday, May 02, 2010


Our kettle broke this week, and I was so so so excited because I always wanted one where you could see the water boil, cause its just so pretty seeing all the bubbles, the pic doesn't do it justice.
Noah on the same week kept talking about going on a picnic, but the day I planned to have one it rained. So we used my broken kettle to have a picnic in Autumn's room. All the distinguished guests were invited. Noah made a sandwich for Mr. Bear.
Autumn poured tea
She kept wanting to put the wooden lemon IN the kettle
Noah would pretend to make the tea including sugar and lemon, and make cups for each animal invited.
And Autumn figured out how to "stir" the pretend tea.

It was quite a fun picnic despite the rain!


Baseball isn't really played in South Africa at all, which is quite a pity cause we discovered this week that Noah has quite the arm! (Well, he can apply this to cricket someday anyway, even though I don't know the rules yet!) Clint got out his baseball mitt from when he was a kid, and our dodger ball, and played catch with Noah. Noah was quite "the natural." I looked to see if there are any t-ball leagues in Durban, but there aren't any! Nuts!
He was so excited to play with "daddy's special mitt"
Teaching how to catch it and to "keep your eye on the ball"
When he throws it back at you watch out! Its a fast one.