Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Our house...

Here are some photos of our house in Hillcrest:
Clint's office & counseling area
Kitchen window/sink
Kitchen looking into Dining

Livingroom...looking into the dining room (its all one big room!)

So South Africa team 2 is coming in like....3 days. We've got the coolest stuff lined up for them to do. If you want to pray for them...they are going to be running our young adults retreat for 4 days, (25 young adults are coming) ....then teaching in the Zulu schools, leading worship at our church, running our "little youth" program at our church, painting and doing construction on our church, teaching assemblies at the local schools, running and AIDS soup kitchen at one of our church plants, serving our whole church at a "pancake evening" and distributing blankets amoung the church plants....all in 2 weeks! Yikes. The schedule is crazy! At first we were wondering all what the Lord had planned for them, and then the schedule just filled up with tons of opportunities, praise HIM!

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