Sunday, September 26, 2010

"Beach, AHHHHHH Booom!"

So, often Autumn will look at me with a BIG face and say "Beach... AAAAHHHHH, BOOM!" with a big grin.......she's referring to the moment on this video. :) It's been like 3 weeks, and she still remembers it!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Swimming Lessons

Every Tuesday and Thurs I take Noah to his 1/2 hour swimming lesson. He's just starting to learn how swim quite properly. He'll jump off, swim for a little, then the teacher will bring him up for a breath, and he'll swim to the other edge of the pool.

Jumping off all by himself
Diving for toys under the water
Practicing "paddle paddle, kick kick!"
My little fish. Could they make swimming gear any MORE unattractive?
While Noah swims it's my "special" alone time with Autumn. I don't get this, well, ever, so its quite special for me. We'll go around looking at all the "purple's" together (that's what she calls flowers that are purple). And she'll pick flowers for me.
She'll give her baby LOTS of loves, and try and get the baby to hold the "purple's fowers" (purple flowers)
Align CenterShe's my super silly girl!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Let's Go Fly a Kite

Over the past few weeks its been 2 days of rain, followed by 4 days of hot sun, so we've been to the beach a few times. Autumn and Noah LOVE running up and down trying not to get their feet wet from the waves....
They both run up and down screaming with delight

The next few times we went, there were these nasty bluebottle jellyfish on the sand. The first time we didn't notice them right away and we were SO thankful that Noah obeyed when Clint said "STOP!" because he would have stepped RIGHT on them, and they are quite nasty
Autumn would run and then "fall" into the sand
She'd run away from us with glee, we chased her all around the beach playing "I'm gonna get ya!"
And Noah was SO excited to fly his new kite that his Uncle Donovan got for him. He did a pretty good job all by himself

The next time we went there were bluebottles again, and Noah had MASTERED the art of flying his kite "All by myself"

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Glasses, part 2

So my hubby liked Noah's glasses SO much, that he decided that after 6 years he should "upgrade", like father, like son. Noah is VERY proud that his daddy has glasses "just like mine"

And I like my hubby's new look :)

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

I look just like Buddy Holly

So Noah has had a lazy eye for the past year or so. He'll look at you and one eye is IN while the other one is looking at you. So I took him to the optometrist, who said his vision is fine, but to take him to ophthalmologist just to be sure. The optha. put crazy drops in his eyes that made his muscles relax, and he's 2.25 farsighted. So yay for no surgery! But farsightedness means...glasses.

The Doc said the best place to get kiddies glasses was an hour away, but they had only THREE pairs to pick from (huh?) of plastic ones (apparently the metal ones aren't as comfy for this age).
So we went to our local glasses shop and they had like 20 to pick from.

We went with the Emergent Buddy Holly look....... :)

Here he is trying them on at the shop.

He excitedly waited "2 sleeps" to bring them home....and got them today!
I have to say he just LOVES them (I really mean it) and takes good care of them. Its amazing how the Lord prepared him because he wears his sunglasses ALL THE TIME, he'd wear them indoors if I let him, and now he's got his own special ones. God is good. He really loves them and is confident in them which I'm so grateful for, and I think he looks cute in them :)