Saturday, September 21, 2013

Growing up....

It's all just going to fast. I often tell my kids if we are playing rough and tumble on the bed "no turning 7" or whatever age they are turning, which always gets laughs and squeals and "but mom's!"

This little guy is almost next week. What?!?! How did that happen!? He's starting to talk a lot the last few months and it's so so fun to see what he has to say.  He loves naming anything in a book or anything in our house by our names. In a story he'll always find a "Daddy, Mommy, Noah, Nunna, and Jude"

 He also LOVES motorbikes...this morning he asked to wear daddies helmet, and then started putting on his gloves
 I've been feeling very nauseas with the pregnancy....which means I've had to be creative with dinnertime! We do make your own pizza nights where the kids make dinner. I have a bread maker which makes awesome dough...and we get all the toppings and there you go!

 A is getting pretty good at helping me in the kitchen. :)
 A&J are home with me in the mornings, and they have a very sweet relationship that I love watching. If A get's hurt J will come and hug her and say "aww, hug!" until she starts laughing.  The other day they wanted to hop in the boot (trunk) of my car and the library books were in there, and she read to him in the back for like an hour, so sweet.
 A practicing to be a makeup artist with some bath crayons on Jude...
 This little guy just like Noah at this age...loves to sit in the car and pretend to drive, it's his favorite thing to do!
 A&J helping me bake while N's at school.
 N had pajama day the other week. They were learning the letter P so they had a Pajama Picnic Party :)
So grateful for these little guys and that 2 are still home with me in the mornings. My favorite moments lately are when A dances ballet in the mornings to my Little Women soundtrack (I just love that music) and asks me to dance with her, and when Jude curls up on my lap and asks me to read a book. Love these years!