Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Lately....I haven't been blogging cause life has been so FULL! 

So here's a bit of a catch up

This month our Noah turned SIX! Six is SUCH a jump in age, I think all around. They are suddenly a "big kid!" He loves reading anything he can, riding his bike, anything Star Wars or Rocket related, and anything NON-fiction. He's loving school, and has made one really good friend. When that friend isn't there, I can tell right away when I pick him up because "it just isn't the same without him" He's lost 3 teeth in the last few months, and still loves Karate.
Autumn and Jude are home with me in the mornings, and we have fun together. Autumn and Jude have a very sweet relationship, I rarely have to interrupt their playtime, they play so nicely! 

One of Autumn's favorite things to do is wear my glasses
Autumn isn't in school yet but we try and make play dates and go to parks quite frequently so that she can have friendships her own age.
 There is this AWESOME place we go to often that is a indoor/outdoor playground with balls to jump in and jungle gyms and a restaurant, my kids just love it. So we sometimes go in the morning when Noah is at school.

 This is just a pic of Autumn SO excited to hold her first "real" baby
 And Noah having some friends over after school

 Everyday I try and do some 'school' with Autumn and Jude just for something to do in the day. We write our names and do playdough and color and try and memorize some Bible verses. It's a sweet time