Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Autumn's 3rd Birthday

On a "sick day" I rolled our TV into our living room and had borrowed the movie "Tangled" from a friend....and it was instantly Autumn's favorite thing. She would quote it, pretend all the parts, and talk about Pascal and Eugene like they were best friends.

So a Tangled party was THE thing for her for her 3rd birthday. I made the cake...the "tower" is out of paper (I could have done the crazy cake version, but the paper version took long enough I couldn't imagine a cake one!)

She asked if Tangled would be on her boat with the floating lights on her cake. I told her there would be boats (I found this idea on Pinterest, but they don't have blue raspberry jello here in SA, so I went with Lichi (white) jello and put food coloring in it, kinda fun!
I'm so thankful we had pascal and Tangled toys thanks to my mom and dad! :) They made the cake.
Autumn at her party thought it was fun to swing with "no hands"
She liked posing like Rapunzel (one hand out, one hand on her hip)
All of her friends played "pin the frying pan on Flynn Rider" but she didn't want to be blindfolded, but that's just ok!
Family pic :)
At three Autumn LOVES:

Princesses, of any kind
Corn on the cob, and gummy bears
Tutus (she wore one to her party, why not?)
The story in the Bible of Jairus's daughter, she asks me to read it every day
A stuffed porcupine, she sleeps with it every night
Hiding from me behind the curtains
Baking muffins
Swimming with her eyes open under water

She's a gal who knows what she wants and what she does NOT want. At 3 we are working on her asking for things with a happy heart. I often tell her that God made me so she needs to talk to me kindly when she asks for juice or whatever. She now catches herself, and will smile and ask sweetly for something. She's pretty happy go lucky so understanding "deeper" things of the Bible I think will come later for her. Noah at this age was asking crazy deep questions about Heaven and the cross. She has a simple kind of "faith" in Jesus and loves hearing about him healing and helping others, and how the little children came to Him.

So thankful for our little Auts!