Thursday, July 05, 2012

beach holiday

A few weeks ago someone in our church let us have their timeshare for the week. It was down by the ocean, and in the JUNGLE. The kids thought it was the coolest thing that it was a "real jungle." There were these bridges so you could walk through it without getting wet

 And it was about a 10 minute walk over those bridges to a beach.....A private beach with NO one on it. Pretty amazing. Jude just LOVED the beach, his first time going where he knew he was somewhere pretty cool

 Running from the waves
 Jude kept smiling at the ocean like it was the coolest thing ever. He was laughing outloud the whole time

 Our "private beach"
 Jude for the first time felt sand, and he just couldn't get enough, he kept "grasping it" over and over

 Oh yes, and like a real boy some ended up in his mouth, silly guy
 The beach was pretty cold, but we couldn't NOT go right? My kids ended up with colds, like I knew they would, but we couldn't go on holiday by the beach and not go every day :)

 Making a sand castle

 The boys

My favorite moment with our family was going on a "star walk" at night, you could see the milky way SO clear, and we showed the kids Mars and we lie on our backs for over an hour just staring at them. We found 4 satellites and Noah even found one all by himself. So thankful for special time with my fam!