Thursday, August 25, 2005

Reformation~ Adventures in Geneve

The Towering Reformers at the Reformation Wall

Reformation wall. On this wall is etched the first Geneve Bible that was taken to the US on the Mayflower, and our pastor John MacArthur OWNS that bible. Pretty amazing

Calvin Archer
Front of Calvin's Cathedral
The Auditorium of Calvin, where he would train his elders
Also John Knox's chuch
Calvins Pulpit
John Knox's Bible
Dowtown Geneve. Calvins Cathedral in the background
"Post Tenebras Lux" After Darkness Light, written in Calvin's Chapel
Clint Preaching in Calvin's Pulpit!!! He had to beg in french to the security guard to let him up there! :)

Friday, August 19, 2005

Durban & Our New Church!

Photos of our new home coming in early December, DURBAN SOUTH AFRICA!
This is inside our new church, cool pews w/ ESV's!
Photo of Hillcrest Baptist Church

Downtown Durban, from the Indian ocean!
Indian Ocean, Durban's North Beach from the pier. There were a few surfers even though it was winter (in June!)

Our church is 15 minutes on this freeway from the beach & downtown Durbs from the 'hillcrest' its soooo green!

Our new home! This is our parsonage (provided housing) just in the back of the church. It will be our home until we can buy our own!

Some members of our church at a braai (bbq)

Clint preaching at evening service, the pulpit is really really cool.

This is the home that we stayed in while we were there. The bird is a little guinny fowl :)

Thursday, August 18, 2005


This past weekend I took family photos of my coworker in La Jolla with my new camera lens. My love for photography is definatley growing. Here are a few shots! It was a really grey day, but the light was nice!
The baby is a twin, named Ever of all things, so cute! :) -Kim

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

French Alps!!

John and Meg Glass and their family took us to see the french alps for a day. We took a gondola ride up to the top of this swiss mountain that over looked the french alps (Mont Blanc to be specific) Then we hiked down the same mountain that we went up. It took us 4 hours, but on the way down we saw snow which we played in, (and found out later that that was really dangerous, Amber on our team fell in a hole hiding under the snow and scratched herself up pretty badly). We also saw these amazing rams, that had HUGE horns, and then hiked down severe declines down through meadows with little daisies. It was something out of the sound of music! All the way down Clint and I kept thinking about how amazing our God is to create such beauty. I really don't think I have been in a place more beautiful. To the left is a picture of our team. Emily, Caitie, Deidre, Amanda, Ben, Kim, Clint, Amber & Jason. Below is a picture of our team with missionaries the Glass family. John & Meg, and their kids John William, James & Kimberly.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Glasses in France

This is John and Meg Glass, missionaries to Geneve France. We were just there helping them with the missions conference in Barcelona. They are an amazing family, with such godly kids. I hope someday to have the same impact on my kids & church as they have had. We stayed in their house & helped them by painting their fences, tearing off wall paper, refinishing all their wood, trimming their hedges, and anything else we could think of. I don't know if they know this or not but they served us more by just loving us and pouring their lives into us. Meg made our whole team (9), and her family (5) amazing meals everyday. They said it was like having 12 kids. One of the best moments of my life was enjoying a meal with the Glass's and our team in the Glass's garage watching a thunderstorm move in over the french mountains behind their house. Our team kept making exclaimations as the thunder clapped, and we sat there eating by candlelight enjoying fellowship with them. They live in one of the most beautiful parts of the world, but ironically ministry there is hard because of the humanistic mindset that is indoctrinated into the people of France. It was amazing to walk 2 miles to their church, and to hear John preach in French with translation for us. John preached on Phillipians 4, the passage I have been studying on my own in depth. The main point that he hit that I have not thought about before was that we are to be anxious for nothing, and then be active about persuing godliness (i.e. put on thinking about what is true, right, honorable etc, and to imitate Paul as he imitates Christ). Often when we are anxious we can pray about it, and then just sit there, waiting for something to change. Paul encourages us to be active in our persuit of godliness and press on!

Friday, August 05, 2005


Archer's South Africa Update

Hey, I just started this website to keep others updated on our coming ministry in South Africa and about our lives while we prepare to go! We accepted a church in Hillcrest South Africa a month ago for Clint to be the head pastor, and as of today we have 4 months to go and are starting to look at getting visas, shipping info etc, its exciting! :) We just got back from our missions trip to Geneva, where Clint prepared for our new ministry by standing in Calvin's pulpit. Photos to come! -Kim