Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

This year was our first Easter without Clint (he's in Egypt and we miss him like crazy!) But I took some photos of the kids right before we left for church, so here they are Clint, in their Sunday best....

This is Noah's "forced smile"
And this is what Autumn does if you ask her to smile, or change her heart to a happy one. The eyes close first, then comes the smile
Was it only a year ago that Autumn looked like SUCH a baby? She's wearing the same dress, last year it almost came to her toes :)

They are going on an egg hunt later today, but my favorite part of the day was when I was telling the Easter story to Noah and Autumn in the car as we were going to church. I was talking about what they saw when they came to the tomb... and Noah said "the door was open and it was empty cause He's alive!" And I said, well what WAS inside the tomb? And Autumn said "An ANGEL, he said Don't be afraid, he was VERY bright, and scary." --such a big sentence, I didn't know she had been paying attention so much to our story Bible. :) Then Noah said "why does God like everything to be bright in heaven?" And I said "because he LOVES light, and God is light and there is no darkness in Him cause there is no sin in heaven." And then he said "can you pray that WE get resurrected to heaven too?" We usually have the best talks in the car, but that was just a sample, I love how new everything is to children and what they ask!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Easter-y day

Today I went to a little Easter-y fair with the kids. They had swings, but Autumn started crying, and they stopped the whole ride just for her, which was really nice! But Noah loved it.
They had face painting too, Noah asked to be a pirate. I couldn't tell how she was painting a pirate face at this point:
Or this one....
But she made him into quite the grizzly pirate! He loved it.
Autumn said to her "I want flowers on my arm, pretty"
Showing off the face and arm
Her's turned out really sweet, she's stare at it and smile

We met their friend Evan at the fair and he got a shark!
They gave him a balloon sword, so he'd go around saying "AARGH!"
Autumn found a big easter egg, she kept asking me to "open please, chocolate inside?" but she didn't realize it was just for decoration
Then the Easter bunny came and my kids were VERY shy of him.
We got a little pic with him though
Afterwards they had a magic show to which Noah shouted "Look he did a MIRACLE!" It was quite funny. I had to tell him about the difference between a miracle and a trick. The magician made both my kids laugh out loud quite alot, so it was fun. :)

"Make my hair pretty"

Autumn saw me straightening my hair with my straightener, and she asked me "Please make my hair straight, so pretty!" and so....I did! She was very patient, and kept saying "your making my hair look pretty mommy!" This is the straightest I could get it!
And a hug from Noah right before sleepy time :)

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Spurgeon in the kitchen

If it's a really hot day in Durbs the rain will come in like 4 or 5 ish in the afternoon. Then the kids ask for "Spurgeon in the kitchen" time. We are outside dog people. Especially since I'm SOO sensitive to smells with baby #3, and wet dog is about at the top of the list. But since he'd be out in the rain, and the kitchen is easy to sweep, we oblige. The kids LOVE this special time with their doggie.

He's usually pretty calm in the kitchen vs. on the grass, so they usually sit on him and hug him and give him lots of love. Autumn gave him about 30 hugs this afternoon.

Then there is usually the "report" to us about what happened "he lost his ball" or "he licked me"
After Autumn hugs him she gives us the report..."I give him a hug, he's happy!"