Sunday, September 25, 2011

Our latest addition

No, our baby isn't born yet...but I'm 4 days away! This photo was taken at 37 weeks pregnant, and I must say it's been an awesome pregnancy, except some back pain issues. And the things you don't think about with 2 kids (like putting on 2 kids pairs of shoes while carrying a baby in your tummy, not an easy task!) We are so excited to meet this little guy....I'll do room pictures later. But I was actually talking about our new addition being...

A jungle gym! A deacon in our church builds them professionally! I found myself driving to a local jungle gym 2-4 times a week, and figured it would be great when baby is born and we are a little more "home bound" to have one of our own!
(See there is even a little red swing for baby boy!) The sand will go in the sand pit next week. (Below the slide)
I thought the kids would most like the slide cause they usually do at the park.
But their favorite thing to do together is go on the swings. They often run outside now and swing together.
They are so silly with being pushed on the swings. They both watched a bit of lady and the tramp recently and they say "We are sia" (From the song "We are Siamese if you please) if they want to be pushed. I have no idea where they came up with this, but it makes them laugh uncontrollably.

And I had to include this pic with one of their favorite people Taz. Autumn LOVES Taz and often says "Taz is my friend" and even asked if she could marry her. :) Cause of my answer she often tells people "Noah will marry a girl, and I will marry a boy" such a funny girl!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Feeling crafty...

So I saw this super cute bible cover on cute is it hey?
And decided to make my own with this tutorial:

It's the first major sewing project I've accomplished! Yay!

I added a front pocket like the original....I couldn't find the same fabric but I found one with cutie apples :)

And a cute tie to keep it closed.

Yay for a fun project done!