Friday, June 15, 2012

The simple things

Sometimes life seems so "normal" but then I realize that it's quite a special time that won't last Noah is SOOO into knights right now, I keep thinking this stage will last forever but he'll probably soon outgrow it, and then I'll miss the hundreds of questions about swords and what they used to do, and if his sword is a REAL sword or if it's pretend. I think I answer 100 questions a day about knights. Oh by the way his middle name is Knightley...and it's so fitting!

 I love how he unbuttons his jeans, and the sword sticks through the whole in them, and how he walks around with one stiff leg because if it.
 The "hard core" face :)
 Every day we go on a walk all dressed up. Autumn is a princess of course, and every day there are different "princessy" items that MUST come with. Today it was a bag, a brush, and a princess camera, cause you never know when a princess might need her photo taken

 Apparently this is a princess face :)
 Jude is often the princess's baby, or the bad guy, or whatever they make up on the way on our walk
 but he just really enjoys watching the kids run ahead of him. :)
 Then it's back at home for some rough and tumble. Oh yes, these are my couch cushions on the floor, but can you see how much fun they are having? :) It's just stuff right?
 The cushions become a boat, and the "shark infested" water must not be touched.

 Autumn giving "warnings" about those nasty sharks.

I love these moments. Despite the floor that always has too many cheerios stuck on it that need vaccuming, and the dishwasher that forever needs unpacking, it's fun to put those things on hold and just ENJOY the simple things and funny little people around you, cause these "stages" won't last forever

Sunday, June 03, 2012

Wedding Wedding

My kiddies OFTEN play wedding wedding, Noah will pretend he has a ring, and Autumn will wear a dress, and they'll even draw pictures of people getting married, so to be IN a wedding...and especially of their favorite person (Tazz) was just AMAZING for them. They couldn't believe they were invited, and even got to be in it!
 And I got to do some of the photography, which I just love! So it was so fun! She was such a pretty bride. Tazz often babysits our kids and is a good friend of mine, so it was special to be a part of her day.

Noah was the ringbearer....and did a good job handing them the rings
 Autumn was one of the flower girls and she held a sign that said "here comes the bride!"
 Daddy and Noah two peas in a pod
 Our family!
I love how the kiddies looked like brides and grooms, so cute!
 The pretty pretty cake

 They were such a beautiful couple, (notice the heart on the head of the horse, how cute is that?)
 Autumn loved wearing flowers in her hair, and Noah loved wearing shiny shoes like daddy