Wednesday, February 01, 2012

My favorite time of the day

is 6:00...I know most moms call this "suicide hour" or "the 6 o'clock crazies" or something simular, but I just love it. Jude and I get a little alone time in the bath...and the bath is well...just his FAVORITE thing ever...can't you tell?
He does these funny squirms as if to say, mom this is just the best. And he does these BIG kicks where he splashes himself, and then laughs even more.
Then its cozy time with his favorite doggie before bed, and my other two are in the bath happily playing and chatting. I LOVE hearing what they chat about when I'm "not there" and the funny things they say to one another, and I love just how cozy and clean my baby is.
Not so crazy!

Maid Marion

Clint and I have always looked for the movie Robin Hood (the old Disney know with the rooster?) and we found it for like 5 bucks around Christmas! We were so excited cause it was our favorite movie as kids...

And now it's our kids favorite!

So Autumn now the WHOLE day pretends to be Maid Marion

If you call her Autumn she says "no, I'm Maid Marion." And Noah pretends to be Robin Hood. They pretend and talk about it the whole day.

I love having a little girl with such a fun imagination!