Monday, July 24, 2006

(SECOR's earlier blog...we forgot to publish it, so here it is!) (Disclaimer: This blog entry is the work of Ryan Secor - Clint Archer, Kim Archer, and Team Durban are not liable for the opinions, perceptions, photos, captions, grammar, and/or wordiness of this blog entry. )
This morning, Clint immediately subjected us to intensive labor in hopes of shocking us into a new time zone and a mindset of constant, action-packed ministry. We basically removed ceiling tiles and replaced them with specialized acoustic tiles... then Paul swept.
After that long hour, we headed out to the beach... where I was able to accomplish one of my life-long dreams of swimming in the Indian Ocean. It was cool too because we watched the finals round of the Mr. Price Pro (World Tour surfing championship).

Being the only Asian on the beach, the National Television station here in South Africa (looking for diversity in its programming albeit) interviewed Paul... live. Paul, realizing it would be impossible to censor him - on National TV, and inspired by Piper's message on preaching from Together for the Gospel brought the Word... as only Paul Yoon can. When asked what he thought about the competition, he said, "look at this wonderful weather, wonderful beach, and beautiful people; it all points to the glory of God --- He created all this!" They continued - asking where he was from and what he was doing, he told the several hundred thousand person television audience that he was here with a missions team working with Hillcrest Baptist Church and the "Spurgeon of Durban" -- Clint Archer.

Clint congratulating Paul on an interview well-done.
In all seriousness though, it is an absolute blessing to be here. I know as an avid reader of this blog, that it's so easy to read Kim's posts, look at the pictures, pray a pithy little prayer for them, and simply let it all roll off my shoulder and allow myself to be immersed in the business of the day and the attitude that somehow God has blessed me more than them (because I live in America). While I encourage you to read Kim's posts, look at the pictures, and even remember to pray for them, I think it's important for people "back home" to realize that the Archers are doing an incredible job here and God has been/is being so good to them. Clint and Kim have been blessed with an absolutely gorgeous home in a great part of the country, a church seeking to follow God and His Word, enormous ministry opportunities with the youth and others here in Durban, and an intense passion for God's glory and good pleasure. I implore you to keep the Archers in your prayers, to start/continue encouraging them in their ministry, and even meditate on the Scriptures and what the Archers are doing here in South Africa in the realization that this is a real-life example of how good stewardship is practiced (search stewardship on the link). And, though the Archers reward will surely not be fully realized until heaven, God is blessing them and through His Spirit enabling them to continue on in His work and good stewardship. God is great!
From Team Durban (perhaps the only team-sanctioned sentence in this entire blog) -- we love you guys!!!
I must close -- enjoy this entry -- I'm not sure when or if (based on some of the comments from my team members) I'll ever be allowed on this blog again, but I think the it will periodically updated with current happenings and photos from both the Archers and Team Durban --- so keep visiting it regularly.
I testify to everyone who has access to edit this blog... Kim... that if anyone adds to the words (except in grammar correction) of this blog, God will add the plagues written in His book, and if anyone takes away from the words of this blog (except in grammar correction), God will take away his/her part in the tree of life and from the holy city.

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