Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Why are you here?

My favourite time of year in South Africa or LA is Autumn. The month of May in SA is simply stunning. Clear skies. Warm sun, dry cold breeze. Wispy clouds. Autumn leaves. Chilly nights with blankets and coffee. Ahhh.

The question “how do you like it in South Africa?” comes in waves. I don’t hear it for a while, and I feel like I’m “normal” living here as an American. Yesterday our building inspector for our house was American, and Clint was like….how come you didn’t ask him where he was from in America? I didn’t even pick up he was American! The accents blend in my mind cause I’ve lived here for over 2 years now, so I guess I forget that I’m foreign. But then like a splash of cold water it will come and I’ll get asked ten times in two weeks “where are you from?” “why are you here if your American?” "How do you like South Africa?”

It’s so weird but I always just stand there dumbfounded that they’ve asked me this question. It’s an obvious question, of course. I think its weird for me cause in my mind the answer to the question is the same whether I live in SA or LA or Timbucktu. But explaining that to someone who is waiting for a quick but polite answer for me is often difficult. Our purpose for living on the planet is to glorify God, no matter where we are. So it just doesn't seem super strange to me that I'm living here. But for the sake of the person asking I always feel like I should come up with a canned answer I can just pop open at any moment. If its someone I’ve never met….it usually starts off with something about moving out from seminary in LA and that my husband is a pastor and SAfrican, etc. Which usually leads to opportunities to speak to complete strangers about the Lord, (who knew my accent would lead to awesome conversations about the gospel someday?) Even with Noah’s name I often get “oh that’s a Biblical name, are you a Christian?” which leads to why we named him that (Noah was a preacher of righteousness) which leads to what Noah was preaching, salvation from sin.

I am here in SA because of the Lord’s work to be done at Hillcrest Baptist and supporting my husband and family in that work for His glory. It would be the same if we lived anywhere really. I like the questions now because it helps to remind me why I am here in SA, or here in the world really, to proclaim the salvation through Jesus to all nations!
So. My answer might seem strange to most. And that's why I usually stare at the person asking it for a few seconds trying to articulate this concept. And why I get the usual "but what about the crime? and the politics? etc." But those things really don't bug me. Seriously. Our home is an eternal one in heaven! This doesn't mean that I don't miss LA, cause I do, alot sometimes. I can't wait to be there in a few weeks time! But its often a good reminder to me that I should be longing for our eternal home in heaven even more.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Spurgeon our dog has a passionate love for his ball, and I now understand why they call them "Labrador retrievers." All he wants, day and night, is to play fetch. If his ball is missing, he goes insane. He's actually figured out some clever ways to get us to play fetch with him even when we are tired of playing...

If a window is open he will drop the ball through the window to force us to throw it so he can fetch it.

Then he will proceed to stick his head entirely through the window and whine for his ball. I still cry from laughing whenever he does this.

He's even convinced Noah that he needs his ball desperately. He's taught Noah how to play fetch with him. First...he drops the ball over the fence for Noah to see....

Then Noah picks up the ball (Spurgeon's eye watching the whole time to make sure it doesn't go missing)

Noah successfully retrieves the ball for the "dog-g" as Noah calls him (yup, his third word is "dog!")
Then Noah tosses the ball under the fence for Spurgeon to retrieve.
This "fetch" game of Spurgeon and Noah playing volleyball over our fence can happen for about an hour. :) I usually let Noah play fetch right before his evening bath....cause it gets kinda slobbery and gross. But they both LOVE it.
I love our dog.

High five!

Noah loves "high five" now, and laughs whenever I even say it...and puts up his hand for a high five. It's one of my favorite things :) It's hard to get a video of anything now cause he actually just wants to touch the camera all the time, but this one shows his joy in doing it!

Wisdom for wisdom teeth

So...i need your comments. I have to get my wisdom teeth taken out, and the thought of them pulling 4 teeth is pretty.....scary. i hate dentists. I have two options. One is to have local anesthetic and have them taken out in the dentist chair, (which is free) and the other is to be knocked out and have them taken out in surgery (which....isn't free). for all you readers out there....what was your experience with either one? would you pay to be knocked out? what's the recovery time like? yikes.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Growing up

It wasn't until after Noah saw the pediatrician the day after his birthday that it hit me that he's growing up. After his visit I asked the receptionist when I needed to book his next well baby appointment...18months or at 2 years? And she said...well, hopefully we will never see you again! :) Well, it was at that moment I realized I wasn't holding a baby who needed to see pediatricians anymore! And that afternoon I fed him his new formula...which is called "growing up milk" and has a picture of an older kid playing with some blocks on it, which replaced the cute birdies in baby blue on his old formula tin. *sigh*
I love love love our pediatrician, and apparently so does Noah. Dr. Roos actually takes time to talk to you and would often make Noah smile or giggle during the appointment. Dr. Roos said I must be grateful for Noah cause he was so happy during the examination. He said most 1 year olds are screaming and clambering to get down and walk around! But he gave me some medication to calm Noah for the flight to LA so that hopefully he'll sleep most of the way....28 hours of flying with a baby who wants to crawl/cruise. Yikes. Less than a month and we'll be on the plane! For the grannies....Noah weighs around 24lbs and is 29inches long. :) We are so thankful to the Lord for our healthy guy!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Happy Birthday Noah!

We had such a fun weekend celebrating Noah's birthday! Granny Anne came down from Pretoria and we had a party for him on Sat afternoon with a bunch of people from our church....where I found out that in SA its a novelty to serve ice cream with cake! So funny! Anyway he got the cutest gifts. My favorite being two books that tell the story of Noah, and Jonah in 8 words each. Jonah's is...."Go! No! Ship, Splash, Gulp, Dark, Burp! Go, Yes!" Such a cute summary of Jonah in simple words. On his actual birthday we took him out for a milkshake (his first ever) and his first time ever drinking from a straw. He loved it. It was so cute cause when he wanted more milkshake he would make the sign for "milk!" :) Then on Tues we had a ladies tea with the amazing cake that he got on Sunday. It killed me to cut it, but it tasted awesome! He had no idea what all the fuss was about, but he loved it!

If his birthday slideshow doesn't work cause your internet is slow, click on the link for all the photos:

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

The most amazing cake ever. No really

On Sunday Morning the day before Noah's birthday a lady in our church presented Noah with her present...the most amazing cake ever. It is simply stunning. I've never seen a cake like this! The onesie (SA term babygrow) has snaps that actually are silver. And its all made of yummy frosting to eat! Can you believe it?

I love how the bears pop out of the letters, so cute!

The detail is amazing

When can I eat my first birthday cake mom?

One Year!

So I'm now the mom of a one year old! I thought that I would actually be sad about my baby growing up, but I just had this overwhelming sense of joy that the Lord has given this little guy for me to take care of for a whole year! The Lord really does bless us abundantly. For his birthday I made a memoir to hang on his wall of all his "firsts"....(first smile, first time hearing daddy preach etc.) and while going through photos it amazed me how much he's developed over only one year. I mean to think this time last year he could barely move his head, and now he's standing on his own and laughing at my "jokes." :)

One day old

6 weeks
3 Months

6 Months
9 Months

One year :)
This is taken on his birthday. He's wearing one of his presents, a doggy bathrobe! So cute. The day before his birthday (wouldn't you know it?) he fell and scratched his face...but I guess that's the life of a one year old learning to walk!

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Cell phone

So all my thousands of times of keeping my cell phone away from Noah, and all the "no touch" and tears in keeping away from his drool and little hands that drop it, I found my my washing machine this morning. Yep, it had been washed, rinsed and spun. I've even tried blowdrying it. I can't believe its MY fault that my cellphone is broken. I keep thinking...its gotta recover right?