Thursday, October 04, 2012

Jude's First Birthday "Little Mister" Party

Our little guy Jude turned ONE this last week, and we had a "little mister" party for him!

 Did I mention that this year FLEW by and I can't believe he's one? I know I know I always say that but seriously with 3 kids no 3 just flys by!
 Since I love creating party printables it was so so fun creating ones for my own little guys party! And they are up in my etsy shop as well :)

 His little cake

 Having fun with the mustaches
 I got chocolate molds of mustaches on Amazon, they turned out so cute!
 Grandma and Grandpa from America AND Pretoria came for the party!

Wow there is so much I want to say about our little guy.....he's just SO happy all the time, he walked 2 weeks before his first birthday, he can make the sound of a duck, and an elephant, he loves chasing Noah around and pushing him on his car, he loves wooden puzzles (mostly for the chewing factor) and mommies keys.  He likes animals the most out of my 3 kiddies at this age and just lights up when he sees one. He likes to clap his hands to music.  I just can't believe the Lord has blessed our family with 3 little ones...He is so good!