Friday, April 20, 2012

It's been a while...

I blame it on being a mommy of three :) I'm sure you understand!

Each one of my kids is so uniquely made by God. I find this more fascinating every day. Noah is SO literal. He takes everything literally, wants to know if something is "real" or "pretend" and if your joking with him he's kind of unsure of you until you make clear to him that your just joking. He loves the Bible causes he knows it's true and he prefers that to any book. I love this about him because he wants to know the TRUTH about something, and if something confuses him he asks questions till you can't answer any more about it :)

(Pic taken on Easter Sunday)

Autumn on the other hand is pure fantasy. She loves drawing a squiggle and pretends it's something amazing. She comes up with the most interesting stories and suddenly her world is "somewhere" else than home. I love THIS about her because she brings "fun" to life, and will often make me laugh. Like she'll say "My store is open what would you like" and I'll say "Oohhh, a coffee please, extra hot" and she'll say "Nope, I don't sell coffee." And then I'll go through a list of like 20 things, that she doesn't sell. Turns out it's only a chocolate ice cream shop. :)

This often leads to a clash though. Autumn will say "look at my picture it's a princess riding on a horse" (and it's just squiggles) and I'll say "oh wow its awesome Auts" and then literal Noah will say something like "no it's not, look it's just lines" which will make her sad.

So every day I'm figuring out how to best be the mommy for each one of my kiddies, how to challenge them, grow them in the knowledge of the Lord, and to keep peace and love abounding in our home.
Autumn is SO girl and Noah is SO boy, I often have to pray that they would see through that and love one another with a REAL love, and I often tell them that only Jesus can provide that love for each other in their hearts. I pray often that they would love one another...and sometimes I see glimmers of answered prayer. God is good to give us such special gifts...moments every day we get to speak into their lives with the life of the gospel.
And for now everyone loves Jude. What's not to love? He can't steal toys yet, he laughs at all your jokes, and he can't even move out of his doughnut.