Saturday, July 08, 2006

Team Durban... Secor's 1st Installment

Disclaimer: This blog entry is the work of Ryan Secor - Clint Archer, Kim Archer, and Team Durban are not liable for the opinions, perceptions, photos, captions, grammar, and/or wordiness of this blog entry.

So this is NOT Kim writing this blog. Being that Team Durban is finally here -- I (Ryan) have hijacked the Archer's blog to tell you all what it's really like here and what we're really doing. To be completely honest - Kim, Clint, Paul, and Wyn are all having a jam session and pretty much out of sheer pity Kim is "letting" me blog. Actually, they're all having a jam session and my perception of my own musical skills are apparently somewhat inflated and I have therefore been banished to perhaps eternal obscurity in blog-world.

So South Africa is pretty much awesome! While it's nearly impossible to prepare for the 30+ hours of traveling time (including lay-overs), being here with Clint and Kim has made the arduous trip completely worth it. We pretty much hit the ground running, having about 2 hours of downtime before conducting Cornerstone Bible Study (SA's version of SCV). Paul brought the Word after answering whether God had manifest Himself in other forms through other religions (in SA/Cornerstone the Preacher asks whether there are any questions BEFORE he starts preaching). Following Cornerstone, we established who the real sensei ninja (with a game aptly named "Ninjas") was, Wyn and I settled tactical issues (i.e. what to do in the event of a burglary), and the girls headed back to the house they were staying at... and we all passed out.

Dutch oven.


Note: This blog entry is actually much longer, but due to bandwidth issues it will be published in several installments likely over the next several days.

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