Wednesday, December 24, 2008


The most amazing fish and chips place ever is in Cape Town....yum!

And the view we have driving to our house every day! So pretty
This is our last day sad! It's been cloudy the last few days so we've just been having fun shopping and reading...but we fly home today on Christmas eve!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Date night

Kerry and Cait babysat Noah so we could explore Cape Town on our own for a night. It was SOOOO FUN! It's not often we get to go out just the two of us. Well, as you can see from the photo, I guess its the three of us!

We went to Kalk Bay for our favorite Fish & Chips on the harbor

Then we went to the most amazing restaurant for dessert. It had an enclosed patio and here was the view from our seat one way.....
And the view right in front of was the most amazing warm night
We got the perfect couch!The restaurant was sooooooo beautiful with a 180 degree view
Our cozy couch

Chocolate truffle dessert & 2 cappuccinos!

It tasted better than it looked! mmmmm

View as the sun was setting

We were there I think for 3 hours just chatting on the couch watching the lights come on....thanks Kerry and Cait! :)

Mr. Sandman

Toddler boys + sand = way to much fun

Cape Town part 4

So....Cape Town feels sometimes so much like California that 4x today I ended up walking to the wrong side of the car for the passenger seat! :) That hasn't happened since I first moved here 3 years ago. Crazyness.

False Bay

We had the most amazing fish & chips at this place on the harbor

Cute tugboat in the harbor
We went shopping on the Waterfront, Table Mountain is behind us. There is often a white cloud on top of Table Mountain (like the one in the photo) that they call the "tablecloth" pretty cool.
And Noah said his first sentence today. "More juice!" Kerry and Cait heard it too, so it wasn't just me! It's the first time he's said either of these words, he usually signs them, so it was fun hearing two words together he's never said before. He also said "night night" before his bedtime tonight, so fun!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Cape Town day 3....felt like Hawaii

Today we found a deserted white sand blue water beach. It was amazing. You had to hike through white sand for quite a while to get there but it was so clear and blue. The water was on the Atlantic side (cause CT is on a peninsula, you can swim in the Indian and Atlantic ocean) which is the FREEZING water side. The Indian is like bathwater in comparison! But it was so awesome & beautiful.

We found this mini lighthouse, so cute! It kinda looks like a huge one in the distance with the perspective.

Clint taking Noah for his first feel of the water.....sooooo cold!

Kerry & Cait soaking up the sun, & sunblock, it was so hot!

Its so fun taking a toddler anywhere cause their face totally exudes exactly how they feel inside. Noah loves toddling around looking at shells and pointing at, well, everything in sight.

We were pretty much the only people on the beach

Since the water was way colder on the Atlantic side all the surfers were wearing full wetsuits including hats and boots and gloves. The water was so cold while taking this shot that my feet were totally numb. It felt like snow water!

Two more months till our little girl will join us in becoming a beach bum!

Striking a pose

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Cape Town day 2

Today we went to the most amazing cafe called "Olympia Cafe" in Kalk's Bay for breakfast. It reminded me of the cafes in France, and it had a view of the ocean. They sold my favorite pastry (a choc chip croissant) and yummy coffee.
How amazing does this cappuccino look? As yummy as it tasted.
The amazing French Toast Croissant with bacon, banana & maple syrup. Yum

Noah liked the breakfast too :) He was only giving silly faces this morning!

Awesome view driving around singing to the Mamma Mia soundtrackThe amazing Martha Stewart quiche Kerry and Cait made for dinner :)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Cape Town Day One

Cape Town is more beautiful than I remember. I was here 6 years ago, but it was winter, and I've forgotten its beauty. Its so funny to spend Christmas vacation on the beach it being Summer, but its so amazing!

Fun colorful changing huts.
9 days in Cape Town with Kerry and Cait, what could be better? They make Noah (and I) laugh alot! :)

Cait and I

These clouds kept rolling over the hills like a blanket. So cool.

Noah eating a pear and checking out the colors
Yes! Ocean time!

The beach is in the middle of a HUGE bay, so mountains surrounded the whole scene. So pretty.
The waves were perfectly Noah-sized

Family shot! I think we might come back here every day this week. It was so

Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas traditions

So what are your Christmas traditions? I'm curious!

Since we moved to South Africa our church has a early morning Christmas service which I really like. Clint preaches a sermon around the theme of the Saviour's birth and we sing carols. It really sets the mood for the day. Because Clint preaches every Christmas (except last year) this means we are usually in the Hillcrest area on Christmas day, far from both of our sides of the family. So its fun this year to have a "bigger" family (i.e. Noah is getting big enough to understand a little tiny bit) and to celebrate it with him. Every day he brings me baby Jesus and says "baba!" and he brings me the three wise men together from our nativity. I love it.

My favorite Christmas music is from "A Charlie Brown Christmas." I love the movie itself, its just so cool how the message is so clear when Charlie is all depressed and when Linus tells the story and reads from Luke 2 what Christmas is actually all about. The soundtrack has been playing alot in our house the last few weeks.

This year we are going to Capetown and flying back Christmas eve. (I am so excited, Capetown is so beautiful this time of year!) So I get Christmas with just my hubby and Noah! So fun. Since its Summertime we are going to have a braai (bbq). Not like sipping hot chocolate on a cold day, but still very fun! So what do you guys do on Christmas day to celebrate? Tell me all about it!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Our little girl

We snuck a peek at our baby girl at our 28 week 4d scan! It was hard to get a still photo of her, but here she is sucking her thumb! She looks alot like Noah did in his 30 week scan.

The nurse said she could see very long eyelashes (which Noah has too!)

Lyle took this fun photo of Clint's excitement about our baby girl coming :) 28 week bump, and feeling "swell"
And when I was in the states I really liked this set at Target cause it was feminine/baby but classy, so my mom is sending me the set! :) I told my mom I liked it before I even knew I was pregnant! I can't wait to set up her room! I also ordered some other fun pieces to the set besides just the quilt/bumper/sheets.

And we still haven't come up with an official name for our girl yet. Any suggestions?