Tuesday, March 24, 2009

One Month Old!

Clint' holding her in the "Lion King" pose :)

I can't believe its already been a month! Thank you for your prayers, Autumn hasn't had any incidences of sleep apnea since I last wrote, so we are very grateful for answered prayer! I still keep the breathing monitor on her to make sure she's breathing properly while she sleeps. She's already outgrown her first onesie and can hold up her head and look around. She has what we call "hidden windies" (S.Africans call burps winds, I think its rather polite) cause an hour or so after she's had a feed, there's sure to be a hidden windy in store! She's growing so quick and we love her to bits!

Weekend in Pretoria

We flew up to Pretoria this weekend for Clint's brother Donovan's wedding. Noah and Autumn got to hang out with their Grandparents and cousin Dyllan

And Clint married his brother! It's the 4th wedding Clint has done. I loved how casual the wedding was. It was at his brother's house, and the reception was in a tent in their backyard.

Noah and Autumns cousin Dyllan, at a year old. He's always always smiling

Family photo :)

Autumn slept pretty much the whole wedding. Here she must be having a pretty cool dream cause it looks like she's smiling :)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The pretty world out there

Autumn loves to lie on our bed and stare out our bedroom windows. She likes to take it all in. After being up for the late night feeds, I wish I could just lie there too!


A couple of weeks ago I said to Clint, "I wonder if Noah is going to have a cute nickname for Autumn" and Clint said..."He calls her Na-na." Then I realized, I thought that Noah was saying that Autumn goes "nigh nigh" (to sleep) but he was calling her Na-na the whole time! So Na-na is a frequented word of Noah's especially if there is anything pink lying around.

Noah is very very sweet with her and often asks where Na-na is if she's sleeping

Sweet kisses!

And since Autumn was born Noah has been asking alot more for "Dadda" and now when he cries its often for Dadda instead of Momma. Its very cute seeing him become so attached to his dad. :)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Starting to understand....

So as a mom of a 22 month old I often wonder how much Noah actually understands of what I tell him in a day. I always read to him or just narrate my day so that he learns things, but often I feel like I'm talking to someone who isn't really listening because he so into the words he can already say. Especially regarding dogs, and balls and cars :) Today was a really encouraging day, cause I just felt like he "got" alot of things today. Like every night before Clint leaves we sit by the door and I tell Noah why daddy is leaving, and that he'll be back soon etc and we wave 'buh bye' to daddy. So tonight I said "Daddy is going to teach Bible study, say buh bye!" And he replied with "dadda, book!" and did the little sign for book (opening your hands like a book). So cute. He knows that the Bible is a book! Then I tucked him into bed and prayed with him, and as I was praying he started saying "God.... God,.....God!" :) And did the intonation of "Amen" at the end. We've previously taught him the answer to "Who made you Noah?" and he says "God!" but this was the first time he said it without the question. It's like he knew I was talking to God! :) So its the first little signs that he's starting to understand a little of what we are teaching him. So fun.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

First bath

I forgot to post this last week!

Unlike her brother, she totally loved her first bath. I love her face on this one..."yikes mom, really?"

Granny Anne having a turn

All pretty and clean!

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Pray for Autumn

So if you think of it this week please be praying for Autumn. We had quite a scare this week because her breathing monitor alarm went off twice. (Clint's mom gave us one for Noah, and the alarm never went off, it sounds within 20 seconds if your baby stops breathing and I just happened to start using it with Autumn this week). Well, the monitor went off once on Monday and once on Wednesday night. The first time the alarm on the monitor woke her up, and the second time at 4am I woke up to the alarm going off and I slightly shook her to wake her up. Pretty scary. So we took her to the pediatrician yesterday and he said it could be infant sleep apnea which they outgrow. Basically it means they sleep so deeply they stop breathing, and they need to be woken up. He said it could be that she's so little and breaths so shallowly that the alarm went off, so the next time it happens we need to check her color to make sure she's not pale/blue. If she is pale, then we'll admit her to the hospital for further testing.

So for now he said to keep her on a monitor every time she sleeps. It's quite scary, but if she's on a monitor then we can just wake her up and she'll be fine. We know that the Lord is sovereign and that He planned that this would happen with a monitor on, because both times it happened late at night or early in the morning when I wouldn't have observed her color changing or that she had stopped breathing at all, and it could have been fatal. God is in control of each breath we take, and each breath that little Autumn takes. We're just praying that she'll remember to breathe while she sleeps :)

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Thank heaven for little girls

Having a little girl in the house is so much fun! She's still quite calm and sticks pretty much to her routine. The only hectic times are her and Noah's bath/milk/bedtimes/dinnertime from 6-7 at night. But its so fun having two, and alot easier than I thought. Well, for now at least! :)
Making friends with her rabbit. I couldn't believe that she is almost the same size as this tiny stuffed animal!

Sleeping in her little bassinet

And awake time in her (Noah's) swing.

She has so much hair I can actually put a clip in it! :)


Noah is now smiling when you say "smile!" Before he would just shake his head no at the request :) He's in his little wetsuit after a hard day of swimming.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Close encounters

Noah with Autumn at one week old. He wasn't sure what to think of her at first, but he's warming up to her. At first he wouldn't even touch anything pink: (Staring from a distance at all this pink stuff, ick mom!)

A little bit of a closer look and a smile:

But now he gives her kisses and little hugs. I have to be quite careful cause he tends to show her the same type of affection that he shows our pets (he pokes our dog in the eye sometimes!) which is quite rough. I keep telling him to be gentle cause she's just a baby girl, but he doesn't quite get it yet, and I have to protect her from many a "pat" and squeeze that is just a bit to tight. My favorite thing he does is that he'll go to ANYTHING that is pink in a pile of laundry or a blanket or anything lying around and say "uh oh" and bring it to her like she dropped it or something. I can tell he loves her quite a lot cause he's quite reserved in his choice of who he shows affection to. :)

Mostly for the grandparents :)

Video of Autumn at one week old during her "awake wiggly time." She usually watches Noah play on his bike during her afternoon awake time on our patio couch. :) She can't do much yet but wiggle, but I thought I'd upload it for the grandparents.