Friday, July 31, 2009

Play date

Sara and I had our daughters the same exact week! So I was excited to meet little miss Kali May and have some girly time. It was fun having a "play date" with Kali May and Autumn, and so fun to catch up with Sara....
Sara & Kali May

Autumn showed Kali May how fun it was to roll over, and right after we left that afternoon, Kali May decided to try it for herself!
Sara and I joining the girls for some fun
We had fun doing a "photo shoot" with our girls (just with a black quilt behind them!)

Autumn decided not to smile at all, but I got one from Kali May!
And Autumn got to play in Kali May's awesome toy, I've never seen anything like it in Africa! :) She loved the flipping frog the best!

I love catching up with friends and seeing how they've grown in the Lord and how their families have grown too. Although it makes me miss LA quite a lot that I don't get to hear about every day experiences, but we've got thousands of years in heaven for that I guess!

Gramma & Pop-ie

It was so fun for my parents to spend time with my kids while we were in LA. Noah almost instantly started calling my mom "gramma" or "mommy's mom" (he realized she was my mom!)
And for some reason even though we called my dad Grampa, he called him "Pop-ie" so Pop-ie it was.
It was fun for them to meet Autumn at such a little baby age

They got to watch her grow and develop even in the 3 weeks we were there! She celebrated July 4th by rolling both ways, and started being way more interactive with toys, and started solids all infront of my parents eyes! They loved watching her grow and change.

Since Clint was in class every day from 8-5 my parents would take me on little trips with the kids. One of Noah's favorite was to Griffith Park. He LOVED the train.
Riding with me and "gramma" The whole way he'd say "Noah's train, choo choo!" and "Noah rides train!"
Then he rode again with "Pop-ie"

Eating lunch under the trees with the kiddos

Grampa also took Noah to ride the horsie, he was a little timid at firstBut there was a good wait while all the parents got their kids on, so he got used to the idea
And by the time the horses were going he loved it! He'd play a game where he'd pretend to be going somewhere on the horse and then say "Noahs home!" when we got to the gate.

My favorite Noah moment yet

Today I cut up some melon for Noah to eat, to which Noah replied "no, bad fruit, bad snake, God NO!" We've been teaching him about Adam and Eve, and he thought I was the bad snake tempting him to eat fruit that God told him not to. :) I had to convince him that God says its ok for him to eat the melon, which he ate reluctantly! I totally felt like Satan convincing him as I said, "its ok to eat the fruit, God says its ok."

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Starting from the end....

Wow, my photos from our trip to Los Angeles are taking 58 minutes to download from my camera, so I'm going to start from the end of our journey, the long flight home. Despite it being quite a sanctifying experience, all and all the journey wasn't as hard as I thought!

Here we are at LAX airport having our last cup of Starbucks before the long flight. While in LA my parents gave us a Starbucks gift card, so we got Starbucks quite a lot, and Noah learned pretty quickly how yummy it is. He now says "Star--bucks coffee, yum yum!" and asks for his own little cup.

Autumn taking a chance with Noah's coffee, to which he pronounced, "Autumn no, Noah's coffee!" We are working on sharing.
Noah got very excited every time he saw a plane, and seemed to understand that we were going home to "Spurgeon, Tobi, and the black car" (our pets, and our car, funny boy)

I love the Paris airport, the architecture is really cool.

Noah and Autumn sleeping on the airport floor in Paris during our 5 hour lay-over, poor things.

There were many things I was so grateful for on the two long flights (10 hours each). Autumn had a little bassinet both flights, and on our last flight Noah had 2 seats so he could sleep most of the way. I think its amazing how the Lord makes transportation rock your kids to sleep, its such a gift. And the food on Air France is quite yummy! So the Lord took good care of our little family on such a long journey.
I'll try and blog more about our time in LA a bit later, we were so grateful that had the opportunity to go. The jet lag is always worse coming back, and after just getting Autumn sleeping through on LA time, she's now waking up 4 times a night SA time, but Noah is finally sleeping through after 3 nights of jet lag. Needless to say, I'm going to go get some sleep!