Thursday, February 25, 2010

What happens....

when mommy's morning shower feels a little too nice to turn off the water....

Monday, February 22, 2010

Polka Dot Birthday

Autumn's birthday was polka dot theme, cause I love love polka dots on girls, and its just so "her" since she has lots of polka dot clothes! It was SUCH SUCH a fun day celebrating her little life, and I think she had fun too!
Eating her first cake
Family shot!

The decorations were so fun to make! And I actually made a cake for the first time ever. My friend Helga does cookies and cakes professionally and she taught me how to do it. Its given me ideas of doing cakes professionally someday....maybe. (Its so so much work!) I wanted a polka dot cake, and it worked great!

Autumn having fun on her day!
More family shots...singing "happy birthday" and me helping Autumn with the "pin the dot on the ladybug" game.

All the children at the party...lots of them (and the adults) wore polka dots!
Family and friends that came!
If you want to see all the photos here's the web album. Just click!


Autumn on her actual birthday got a pram (for you Americans reading....equate stroller!) for her birthday from her Granny Anne. We thought she'd "grow into" it, but she LOVED it and new exactly what to do with it. She'd take her baby in and out and even "rock" her baby in it. It was so adorable. I just loved watching her mommy instincts. Its amazing how the Lord makes girls so "girly!"
So so excited!

Checking on her baby

We put a heavy mallet in the pram under her baby so it was easy for her to walk and not pull it over. She can walk with it all over the house now!

She would rock it back and forth just like I do with her

This pic looks like she's giving her baby her pacifier :)


Noah and Autumn's cousin Dyllan and Granny Anne came to town this weekend for Autumn's birthday party. The three cousins had lots of fun together!
Noah and Dyllan were pretty much inseparable and played bikes/cars outside all day
Autumn played the "tag along" sister and wanted to join in the fun
They had fun with sidewalk chalk

And held hands to go fetch their favorite ball that ran down our driveway

Granny Anne watched all 3 kids under the age of 3 for a few hours so that I could go make Autumn's birthday cake and so that Clint and I could go on a date! They had lots of laughs! (And probably a few tears!)

Celebrating One Year

So I'd just like to use this post to thank the Lord, the Sustainer of Life, for sustaining the life of my daughter for a whole year. I love first birthdays, they are just so glorious and really remind me of how every heart beat is a gift from the Lord. They are so fragile the first year, and go through so many changes and learning curves and slightly dangerous situations, its so awesome to see how God grows them from someone so dependent, to a walking, talking person! He gives us ALL good things to enjoy, including little people!

In the hospital
One week
7 months
1 year! Happy Birthday to my daughter who always has hair that throws a little party!

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Fun n Games

Autumn is finally at the age where Noah likes to play some games with her.

Hmm, whats in the cupboard?
I'll give you a hint.
Noah pretends to go to "sleep" or go to the "office with the black compuder" and Autumn must open the door to let him out.
Which she does quite willingly. Its a fun game of "peek-abo" for her!
Mischievous grin.
They "drive" together at the grocery store. This is how I get my grocery shopping done with two little munchkins. They both love it (and the car cart is free, which I love too!)
He played a game with her in the pool where he'd swim around and then say "BIG KISS!" and land one one her. :)
Autumn's favorite game is when Noah climbs up the windows in her room and then pretends to "fall" on the ground. It sends her in hysterical laughter. :)

New words

Three new words for this week: "Juice" "Meow!" and "Ta" (the SA word for "take" or "give") It's coming as such a shock for me when she uses new words because Noah spoke so late, maybe its because she's a girl :)
Now she frequently asks for "juice" whenever she sees Noah's sippy cup.