Saturday, February 25, 2006


So we had our first students braai at our house on Friday night, and 15 students came! We were really excited. The food was great (South African style, I'm really learning to LOVE it!) and the fellowship was great too. We are going to start a bible study with them on Fri nights. Most of them commute from about an hour away, (from university) and come home on the weekends, so Friday night it is. Not many of them seemed as excited about a bible study as they did the braai, but we are hoping they come when there isn't just free food! :) I only know that about 3-5 of them are believers, and all of them grew up together at HBC, and they NEVER hang out together. They've all got seperate lives, and seperate hearts, it seems. I am really really looking forward to knowing them beyond what subjects they are taking etc...

So today was a rainy Saturday . . .and Clint and I spent the whole day painting our living room cause our carpets are disappearing on Wednesday! Under the nasty stained carpet is WOOD FLOORS!!! I am so excited. Turns out all the homes built in the 50s here have wood floors underneath 70's carpeting. No more pink walls and nasty carpet for the Archer Abode!

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Shantiwilliams said...

Hi Kim-Do you remember me? Nicole (Sjostrand) Williams from India! It is sooo fun to read your blog...I am friend's with Cynthia and Amanda Thompson and saw your blog there. Hey, Kilwa has a girlfriend? Great news! We are in touch, but not for a long time. So are you guys missionaries or what? I take it Clint is pastoring a church! That's great! My email is I would love to keep in touch! My xanga is shantiwilliams. I also would like to change over to Blogger but don't know how!