Sunday, February 12, 2006

Handyman Clint

So Clint has never used a drill in his life. And our walls are made out of BRICK (not American wood walls!) So how do you hang pictures in a Brick house? DRILL!!! After drilling all day Saturday to put up curtains that Clint's mom made for us, we know our house couldn't ever possibly burn down. Our house isn't built out of "wood, hay or straw"thats for sure. It's closer to the "gold or precious stones" its so hard. I think we almost broke the drill.

Before: 10am Saturday (kitchen window)

After: 10pm Saturday (dead on livingroom chair!)

So we are out for Clint's birthday this last Thursday, at the #1 rated restaurant in South Africa, which is across the street from our house. And Clint gets a phone call that Geneva is barking and running around at the "parent night" at the preschool next door. So we had to stop our dinner to get her out! Yikes... We've considered an electric shock collar fense. But all the pet shops look at us like we are mad, and one lady told us that they are illegal in this country. NOT SO! We finally found one! But I think we are going to try the more "humane" effort first, and build a proper fense. We did our investigation, and found where she gets in! She creates alot of sermon illustrations for Clint, that's for sure. Although today we found another reason why she goes into the preschool. A family of MONKEYS lives next door! Don't picture cute little monkeys, these things are HUGE!!!

BTW, thanks for all the suggestions for kids songs, I got some really fun ones from all of you! We did "Praise Ye the Lord, Halleluia!" this friday and they loved it!

We just introduced "Jesus I my cross have taken" to the main worship service, yea, a song I know! :) If anyone knows any good websites with worship music (like the actual piano music) let me know. We are trying to introduce some new songs to the sunday worship too!

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Leslie Davis said...

happy birthday clint! how exciting to get to see you in your new house! we sure miss you guys and love you too!