Thursday, February 02, 2006

Grace Church Conference

Clint and Andre
Kerry, Me and Nicole (Kilwa Andersons girlfriend!) standing infront of our thatch roof rooms!
All the girls from Grace who are now in S.A. (13 of us!)
So this weekend we drove 6 hours to Jo-burg, then 3 hours to just below Polokwane, to go to a conference with all the TMS, GMI, and TMC grads in the country. . . only to drive 9 hours back the next day. It was definately worth the drive! I never knew south africa was actually that beautiful until driving through it. When you go by plane, you get morphed out of one city and plunked in another, but this was 18 hours of pure Africa! I actually saw monkeys in the streets, like people ask us... "so you live in africa, are there monkeys in the streets?" and i can actually say "yes" now.
But it was SOOO great to see all the people from Grace that live in S.A. The Mack's just moved to S.A. to start a Biblical Counseling program, Tim and Michelle Cantrell just took one of the biggest baptist churches in S.A., and to hear of the TONS of other amazing things that the Lord is doing here was so great. Nicole (who is from Capetown) was saying its so weird to hear all the graduates talk about how they miss chocolate chip cookies, and ranch dressing!!! (Which were at the conference for us). Ahh chocolate chips. Yum.
But the coolest part was praying with these likeminded people, and being a part of making strategic plans for how to best effect South Africa for the gospel. It's really exciting! And just seeing guys like Andre (Clint's old roomie) made it feel like home again.
Ok, on a weird note, who can give me the coolest kid praise song they know?!? I need help with ideas! :)

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Bret Capranica said...

O.K., well I've been an avid reader ever since Pastor James gave me your note and the prayer card. But, I've not left a comment yet. However, upon seeing the face of the long lost little Andre (pronounced with a very short-nasal American sounding 'a').I just had to post. Tell the boy 'howdy' from his dear friends Bret and Kelly.

BTW - Great to keep up with you and Kim through the blog. You are in our regular prayers.