Thursday, February 23, 2006


Clint studying in his office
We are starting the book of Colossians this sunday, I am SOOOO excited!
So I've been convicted lately cause our church is SUPER big into corperate prayer. There is a prayer meeting before the evening service for an hour, and most of the whole church goes, then there is a seperate women's corperate prayer meeting on Thursdays, and then at every bible study on Tuesday night...again, corperate prayer. Its really cool. But its something I've struggled with my whole life. I always feel like I'm praying TO the PEOPLE listening, rather than to the Lord. I'm not talking about praying for someone specific when your meeting with them one on one, or even in a small group, I love praying for others in that way. Even at SCV it was great praying for one another.....but the large group that sometimes is full of people I don't know freaks me out. I've had to overcome my fear pretty quickly, cause it comes up 3 times a week now. So I've been trying to see if scripture talks about corperate prayer...and it does! When Jesus appears to them in the upper room, what are the disciples doing? Praying...together. The word also says to pray for one another, and pray without ceasing. fear goes against scripture! So I've been praying BEFORE I go that I would pray to the Lord, and not be afraid of man.

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