Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Our first Braai

The guy that Clint has been meeting with on a weekly basis (His name is Brian, 19 years old) repented and gave his life to the Lord yesterday!!! Our God is sooo great! This guy had grown up at the church, and even knew that he couldn't understand the Bible until he was saved, so he asked Clint to pray for him since the only prayer that would be heard by our Lord from an unbeliever would be a prayer of repentance. He definately knew that you had to count the cost beforehand, so he took 2 weeks to count, and repented last sunday night!! So exciting! :) So if you think of it please pray for Brian!

Clint's mom got Clint a Braai (African version of a BBQ) for his birthday (on the 9th!) So he cooked me dinner for Valentines Day! (sooo fun!) Valentines Day is SOO commercialized here in South Africa. I think I saw more red hearts then I did Christmas trees in the malls, crazyness! But we had a great table for two in our back yard. And we had South African Boedevorse (i have no clue if I'm spelling that right or not!) It's this awesome spiced sausage that you cook over flames, yum. There is something cool about having holidays in different seasons. Valentines Day was our hottest yet!

Clint cooking dinner! :)

My exuberant joy that Clint cooked me dinner, and Clint's joy over finally being able to braai!

Our "Table for Two" in our back yard :)

For God so lo V ed the world,
That He gA ve
His onL y
BegottE n
T hat whosoever
Believeth I n Him
Should N ot perish ,
But have E verlasting life." - John 3:16


Emily said...

Miss you guys!I always look forward to reading your blog.Very cool news about Brian. I will be praying for him.It would be cool to talk to you guys but I can't figure out how gmail works.I think one would need a specialized degree.Anyways, TTYL!

- Emily "Swearingerer"

hershpinkmeow said...

Robb is my pastor, and Randi is my dear friend! Can't wait to catch up on your life... But now, dinner needs to be prepared!

pati913 said...

Wowee..yes I bet this Valentine's was your hottest yet! wink wink. Haha. We miss you guys...