Thursday, March 02, 2006

Yes, Africa has beaches

So the "pastors day off" is always Monday right? So every Monday for the last month Clint and I have gone to Umhlanga. Yup, thats the same beach that MacArthur mentioned to Clint the same night he called Clint...."Clint Hurdle" :) Its MacArthurs favorite beach in S.A. and now ours too. Here are some photos from our adventures. Needless to say after preaching on Sunday, Clints favorite days are Mondays. And no, his name is not Hurdle.

The lighthouse on Umhlanga Rocks

Clint walking Geneva

Sandy Shtee (after Clint dumped Geneva in the water!)

Where I swim every week! (If you surf here, the rocks kill you, I'll have to make use of my board elsewhere!)

So....probing question to all you blog viewers out there. Come out of the closet, how many of you are "blog hoppers" where you hop in on other peoples blogs without having a blog yourself for me to spy on? :) Tee hee. Not that I mind, just encouraging you all to start your own blogs so I can keep up with your life!! I've just found some great blogs this week by blog hopping. One of the greatest ones is



Emily said...

Warning: This comment contains the word "cool"...a lot. Really, to the point of utter annoyance but it seems to be the only word that really works.

I never realized how cool the Sherpherd's conference is until I volunteered this year! As I was helping out with lunch I was astounded with how cool it is that 3,000+ pastors get to hang out, gain some great teaching, and spend some time with other guys in the same biz.So cool is it in fact that for a split second the thought crossed my mind, "This is so cool! I want to be a pastor...I mean...uhhhh...this is cool..."

Yeah, so no worries, I'm not going to become a pastor, but this conference is COOL!

I miss the Hurdles! haha

clyde said...

hi Kim, hi Clint!