Monday, November 02, 2009

Trick or Treat?

So trick-or-treating isn't really done in South Africa. But we figured our kids are American too, so they should totally do American traditions as well. We have 6 neighbors in our complex, so we went to all of them first and gave them candy, and told them we'd be coming around 7pm trick or treating. They were all excited and were totally accommodating of our crazy American kids :) Noah was SO excited that he was a little bear, and that he got to go "knock knock" and say "trick-or-treat".
Noah going to his first door. We discovered his little bag was too little for all the candy!
We loved it too cause we got to talk to our neighbors who usually otherwise keep pretty much to themselves.

Dalene our next door neighbor is Scottish, and she said on Halloween they used to hang muffins and cakes from strings and the kids had to eat them :)
We had SO much fun with the kids. It was really special for us cause we knew our neighbors were so kind to play along!
They all wanted to hold our little pumpkin
One of our neighbors dressed up and Noah thought she was a "king" cause she was wearing a "crown." He thanked God in his prayer that night for the king. So funny.
We came back with lots of candy!
Back home with our carved pumpkins
These are for the grandparents. I dressed em up and took a few photos in our yard.

Our little crawling ladybug

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