Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Kids Praise

During Noah's room time I usually pop my head in without him seeing just out of curiosity and to make sure he's ok. The other day this is what I found....I just thought it was so cute that he had his feet up reading a book :) This Jonah "one word" book is his favorite. It has one word per page. He asks me to read it to him every night before he goes to sleep. I love how 12 words can sum up the book of Jonah "God, Jonah, Go, No!, Ship, Storm, Splash, Gulp!, Dark, Burp, Go, Yes!"

During Noah's room time I put on some music, and these have fast become favorites in our house. When you step into my house you'll probably hear kiddies worship on. Every day Noah says "Sicka (music) on mommys special silber (silver) compuder, pees?"

"51 Must Have Kids Worship Songs" is my favorite cause the songs are, well, just great. They aren't cheesy, and they are done well and the words are easy to understand for a toddler. Alot of them are pure Scripture, or great praise worship done by kids. Noah has alot of these memorized already. He'll tell you which one is coming next :)
This one "Bible Promises" is a book that comes with a CD. Noah loves this one cause it has the "B-I-B-L-E" on it, his favorite.
100 Bible Songs for Kids. This one is great too, but has a few songs that are taken WAY out of context. But Noah likes the classic ones like "He's got the whole world in His hands"
This one "Hide em in your heart" is well, I must admit, pretty cheesy. But the words are great! It's pure scripture. I don't like that it has talking at the beginning of every song, but Noah loves it and has memorized quite a few verses from it, so I usually play this one during room time if I'm taking a shower or something. His favorite is "Let the little children come."
I like listening to these during the day too cause its actually helped me memorize quite alot of verses I didn't know before, and their references. It really helps set the tone for my day, and helps me to worship in the million "little things" that moms do during the day for their kids!


Heather said...

Georgie's favorite is Let the Little Children Come too :)

Melissa said...

cael reads with his legs up too sometimes. it's the cutest thing!