Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Rough n Tumble

Noah looks like he's about ready to pulverize his sister right?

But out of Autumn comes shrieks of laughter :)
Having a boy and a girl I've had to train Noah quite alot on how girls like to be treated. Noah is quite rough in his affection, and usually makes Autumn cry, but for some reason she loves "rough and tumble" with him after their bath. It has to be closely monitored, but its so cute! It's the time where they really bond cause Noah can use his way of "affection" in full force.

I've been closely reading through "Don't Let Me Count To Three" by Ginger Plowman for our church's moms and tots group, and I've really soaked up quite alot of great things from that book. One of the greatest things implemented in our home is the "sharing" rule that you can't just take a toy or even ask to take a toy that someone is playing with but you have to wait till they are obviously done playing. The conversation usually goes something like this:

Noah takes a toy from Autumn
Me: "Did you take that toy from Autumn?"
Noah: "Uh huh" (usually with a smile)
Me: "Do you think that makes her happy or sad?"
Noah: "Uh, sad?"
Me: "Can you give the toy back to her? You have to wait till she's done with it"
(he usually gives it back, but with a frown)

It's just been this last week or so that I'll overhear Noah say "Oh, Nuh nuh' (Autumn is) all done dat toy, Tank you Nuh nuh!" It's such a joyous thing to hear rather than "No, No toy, Noah's toy!" (Not that he always gets it perfect, but its a vast improvement!) I'm so grateful for moms that have gone before me and write this stuff down!


Deidre Johnson said...

Hi Kim! I love Don't Make Me Count to Three- it's a must read every couple of years, I think! I also love that you are keeping the REformation Party alive in SA. It's so much fun! Jesse laughed pretty hard when he saw that you trick or treated :) Love you guys, Deidre

Emily Ban said...

Last year I asked Travis for a whole list of Christian parenting books(I need all the help I can get!)and I "think" that was one I received.Though, I hate to admit I haven't really read them...I barely have time to read a magazine now that there's two kiddos!!So cute to see Noah interacting with Autumn. Sam is the same way with Emma, though a little rough at times.