Saturday, October 31, 2009

Carving pumpkins

This year I went on an orange pumpkin hunt for Noah's first pumpkin carving but to no avail! After 4 fruit and veg shops, I came home with squatty green ones, but they still totally work! I fought being disappointed like I do every year at not finding these things, and this year I wasn't for the first time.

This was Autumn's first look at a pumpkin, and SHE was my orange pumpkin :)
Noah and I carved one of them this morning. This is him drawing the face. "Tri-ANGLE eyes momma" (he puts the emphasis on the wrong syllable on tri-ANGLE I love it!)
Scooping out the goo, what little kid doesn't love goo?
Carving the face
He wanted to hold the knife for a little :)
And our cute jack-o-lantern all done!
He liked putting in the candle sooo much. He'd say "can-le hot momma, oh its so hot!"

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Emily Ban said...

Do you have any yard space available to plant some pumpkin seeds next year so that you can have orange pumpkins?