Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Reformation Day Party

We host the young adults group in our home every week, and this year was our 4th annual Reformation Day party. This year for the first time we did a "dress up" one, and we had 2 priests, 2 doors (where Luther nailed the 95 thesis) a nun, an angel and several "peasants." I love having this tradition every year because it makes me so grateful for the Bible that we can read in our own language, and for the grace of God in my own life!

Clint teaching about the Reformation
Eating all the yummy food! I made hot apple cider which is quite a novelty here.
Carving pumpkins
The Reformation quiz, of course
This year we did games as well, it was so fun!
Kerry the "door" Cait the "angel" and Noah as a bear. I was a dork and just wore my Luther shirt from an old Crossroads retreat.
My priest hubby :)

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