Friday, November 20, 2009

Noah and Kristy

Noah's friend Kristy moved away to Polokwane a couple of weeks ago, and before they left we had them over for one last playdate/dinner. Noah and Kristy are just 2 months apart and he LOVES Kristy, and he plays with her every week at church. Throughout the week he'll always tell me something Kristy did during their playtime at church "Kriky went down the slide" or "Kriky wearing a pink top" or whatever. So it was quite sad to have his little friend move away.
They played outside with Spurgeon and wrote on the ground with sidewalk chalk together. Noah kept looking at me like "isn't this the best mom?"
Before she came I asked Noah to get out some toys that she could play with and he brought out the BEST toys for her, and was so excited that she could play with them. I was quite shocked by his "giving" heart cause he normally would keep his favorites in his room. This showed his great love for Kristy :) At one point she road his rocking horse backwards, and he still refers to that now and he'll ride it backwards "like Kriky"
The evening included many hugs, and a few kisses.

We are going to miss the Geerdts' quite alot! Edwart and Janine looked after Noah almost every Sunday (Noah plays outside during church and I'm in the cryroom with Autumn). They have such a soft heart and are always seeking ways to apply what they learn in the Bible.

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