Thursday, December 11, 2008

This morning with Noah

18 months is such a fun age I just love it. Noah is copying us on everything. Including this morning when I heard him drag the scale from under our sink, and pull it out (just like we do) and then he stood on it to try and find out how much he needs to loose for the holiday season. :)

Then he helped me with the laundry by pulling it all out of the dryer from the night before, and he started playing with Spurgeon our dog as I hung the new washing out on the line. It was getting to be his morning nap time, so I said like I always do "Noah where is your paci and your blankie, its sleepytime!" He went scurrying after these two items which he goes to sleep with, and came back outside to greet me. I still was hanging laundry and it got rather quiet so I peeped around the corner only to discover this:

He'd decided it was time to sleep in the doghouse with Spurgeon! It was the first time he'd discovered that Spurg's little house was also Noah sized.

Peeping around the corner all snuggled with his paci and blankie ready for naptime
It took some convincing to get him out of the doghouse! :) He cried when I took him away to his crib, he really wanted to have a little snooze with our doggie!

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