Tuesday, December 09, 2008

A Killer Reunion

This year our Cornerstone young adults end of year party we hosted a Murder Mystery night. I've played about 4 of these before, but this one was the best cause it was totally unscripted. So you're given your fictional character a week before with information regarding the night of the "murder" etc, and then at the night everyone just talks to everyone "in character" and tries to figure out the murder. The theme was a class reunion, so we were all friends/enemies in the past trying to figure out who did it. So fun.

Setting up a table in our home for over 20 people was quite the mission, but everyone fit just fine! We had a Italian evening with yummy pasta and garlic bread. mmm.

Josh handcuffed Raqel, and then remembered the key for the handcuffs was at his house! So she was arrested for the night

Trying to figure out the murderer

Kerry helping me in the kitchen :)

Some of the girls

Dishing up yummy dinner

Cait presenting the "evidence" as a detective with Trevor

Everyone thought Lyle was the murderer but it was actually Clint! For those who have played Mafia with Clint, he is always mafia, so I don't know why more people didn't figure it out!


The Grants said...

Clint - Mafia...I am having flashbacks to Bugsy Malone 1991. Looks like you had a wonderful evening.

Amanda said...

I'm guessing Clint set that up on purpose? :0)

Amber Black said...

oh how i miss mafia with you guys!