Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas traditions

So what are your Christmas traditions? I'm curious!

Since we moved to South Africa our church has a early morning Christmas service which I really like. Clint preaches a sermon around the theme of the Saviour's birth and we sing carols. It really sets the mood for the day. Because Clint preaches every Christmas (except last year) this means we are usually in the Hillcrest area on Christmas day, far from both of our sides of the family. So its fun this year to have a "bigger" family (i.e. Noah is getting big enough to understand a little tiny bit) and to celebrate it with him. Every day he brings me baby Jesus and says "baba!" and he brings me the three wise men together from our nativity. I love it.

My favorite Christmas music is from "A Charlie Brown Christmas." I love the movie itself, its just so cool how the message is so clear when Charlie is all depressed and when Linus tells the story and reads from Luke 2 what Christmas is actually all about. The soundtrack has been playing alot in our house the last few weeks.

This year we are going to Capetown and flying back Christmas eve. (I am so excited, Capetown is so beautiful this time of year!) So I get Christmas with just my hubby and Noah! So fun. Since its Summertime we are going to have a braai (bbq). Not like sipping hot chocolate on a cold day, but still very fun! So what do you guys do on Christmas day to celebrate? Tell me all about it!

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Heather said...

Our Christmas traditions involve reading The Night Before Christmas on Christmas Eve while drinking hot cocoa and then reading the REAL Christmas story. And then opening 1 gift each as a precursor to Christmas morning :)

On Christmas morning we wake up as early as we can (well...the kids do) and gather together and open gifts one at a time so we can be properly appreciative instead of a hoard of wrapping paper flying everywhere :)

And we have a waffle and bacon breakfast and a prime rib dinner (homemade!)